People who originate from Jamaica.
They naturally dominate wherever they are.
They stand out in crowds.
They unconsciously maintain an aura that attracts the opposite sex.
People with these characteristics are normally mistaken as Jamaican.
Girl 1: Look at how that dude stands out!

Girl 2: He's definitely Jamaican.
Girl 3: He's definately gonna get my digits.
Guy: Damn Jamaicans! :(
by They Knew June 7, 2014
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People who are very nice, they have cool accents and dont always smoke weed or ganja. Jamaicans are heavily stereotyped as people with accents who always say "rasta", "mon", "wha'kwan" and cant speak English. The most heavilly stereotyped aspect of the Jamaican race is that that smoke/deal in weed or ganja. They usually dont and you are an dumb asshole if you think so. Jamaicans are also stereotyped for their accent and are used as drug dealers in movies and video games. We need to stop learning from that shit and face the real facts, i know many Jamaicans and they are awesome.
Bastiaan: Hey dude, im Jamaican!
Paul: Im British, oh shit man! Dont try to slit my throat or sell me any ganja!
Bastiaan: Brethren, dont stereotype my you shit.
by FlyingFortress August 13, 2009
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People who are never sacred, and will cut your throat if you look at them wrong. Also, they make the best music ever. They are also known for having the best language ever patwa.
Jamaican guy: a wah gwan rude boi.
White guy; pardon me sir.
Jamaican guy; hahaha never mind boi u is jus a butty boi.
by KorDug June 15, 2009
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Someone who holds down multiple jobs - usually three or more.
I work at the gas station, for Comcast, and I bartend like a true Jamaican.
by Monie_Love February 12, 2009
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Jamaicans do a different kind of grinding then regular people. It is quite like buttsex with clothes on.
Bob, dude he's jamaican grinding her
Jeff, It looks exacty like butsex with clothes on!
Bob, Exactly
by Seth Rox123 July 11, 2008
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Phrase at the beginning of a sentence meaning "You are making," or "Did you make?" Probably southern dialect.
Jamaican me crazy with that boombox turned up to the tenth decibel.

Jamaican 'A' in sexology last semester?
by Richard Black June 20, 2005
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me: hey man i just bought weed offa this Jamaican and it was fuckin kentucky blue grass

friend: o shit thats happened to me only once and hey he was Jamaican too

dave chappell: never buy offa Jamaicans it aint weed half the time
by Zicolo October 23, 2007
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