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The act of having an imagined wrench thrown into a system to mess it up or change things drastically.

A term used to describe a BIG upset in a regular season football match-up; typically refers to the conference or championship the teams are playing for or to get to.
Bob went and monkeywrenched the whole plan by asking his annoying buddies to come with us.

Iowa St. beat OSU?? The BCS has just been monkeywrenched!
by Allynius November 19, 2011
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A computer programming term.
To write sloppy and inefficent code that solves the problem instead of a proper solution because you can't get it to work correctly and have run out of time to fix it.
"Man, this code is nasty, but it works. They really monkey-wrenched that function in there."
by Cynamon August 17, 2005
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A verb meaning that someone/something has totally messed up your plans and/or what you were working on. That is: they threw a monkey wrench into your plans/work.
I was planning on working on that new project, but then my boss stopped by and monkey wrenched my afternoon.
by 321dwt December 07, 2010
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