Smoke weed, but in an enclosed & private area amongst known company & not total strangers. Generally done when participating in a group effort or task. To share a brief 4:20 with a trusted group of friends or associates in a secluded area.
Chris, Adam, Sam, & I are having a backstage conference at NearFest, would you care to join us?
by PirateShip May 5, 2011
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a gathering of professionals to learn new stuff, at least that is what you tell the wife. then you go and get drunk and fool around with your co-workers. known as a 'c'
bob(boss)-did you learn anything at the conference?
workers-smile, more than you would like to know!
by lo dawg January 21, 2007
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Company slang for 'Drunken Shag-Fest'
Boss: "Hey Dave how was the conference?"
Dave: "Conference?! What the hell is a conference? I think you meant Shag-Fest"
by Mackem June 8, 2007
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After watching the skater perform, the judges took 10 minutes to confer before announcing their score.
by Morgan T November 10, 2006
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The excuse people use to get a free vacation, as travel and expanses are paid for by the company. Interestingly enough most professional organizations hold their conferences in large tourist regions. As a result, attendees may sit in on only a few seminars and spend the rest of the allotted travel time playing golf, visiting tourist sites, and other recreational activities at their company's expense. Most of
Lawrence: So Peter, how was the conference in Orlando last week?
Peter: Well the conference ran five days, but I only spent the first day attending seminars and the remaining four days I went to Disney World and to the beach. But hey, Lumbergh had no clue where I was so he had no problem having Initech pay for my weeklong vacation.
by Dan May 27, 2008
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A woman who attends a work conference under the guise of business, but is really there just to get drunk a bang men she has just met, preferably married ones.
Don't even expect Sarah to get that structured document done tonight for the working group meeting tomorrow morning. She is too busy being a conference whore in the hotel bar.
by Bond HL7 August 12, 2013
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A female who attends a work conference under the pretense of business, but in reality sees it solely as an opportunity to get drunk and bang a new guy, preferably a married one.
Oh look! Sarah, the conference whore from Lantana Consulting, has set her sights on yet another married man at this HL7 working group meeting!
by Bond Architect August 12, 2013
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