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Smoke weed, but in an enclosed & private area amongst known company & not total strangers. Generally done when participating in a group effort or task. To share a brief 4:20 with a trusted group of friends or associates in a secluded area.
Chris, Adam, Sam, & I are having a backstage conference at NearFest, would you care to join us?
by PirateShip May 05, 2011
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a gathering of professionals to learn new stuff, at least that is what you tell the wife. then you go and get drunk and fool around with your co-workers. known as a 'c'
bob(boss)-did you learn anything at the conference?
workers-smile, more than you would like to know!
by lo dawg January 21, 2007
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Company slang for 'Drunken Shag-Fest'
Boss: "Hey Dave how was the conference?"
Dave: "Conference?! What the hell is a conference? I think you meant Shag-Fest"
by Mackem June 08, 2007
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The excuse people use to get a free vacation, as travel and expanses are paid for by the company. Interestingly enough most professional organizations hold their conferences in large tourist regions. As a result, attendees may sit in on only a few seminars and spend the rest of the allotted travel time playing golf, visiting tourist sites, and other recreational activities at their company's expense. Most of
Lawrence: So Peter, how was the conference in Orlando last week?
Peter: Well the conference ran five days, but I only spent the first day attending seminars and the remaining four days I went to Disney World and to the beach. But hey, Lumbergh had no clue where I was so he had no problem having Initech pay for my weeklong vacation.
by Dan May 26, 2008
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