2 definitions by Jared Saltalamacchia

The process by which a female bends a male's penis backwards between his legs and proceeds to suck him off.
In 2001, Mike Krzyzewski, head coach of the Duke University men's basketball team, reportedly gave each potential recruit a monkeywrench upon their official visit to campus. Being eventual Duke basketball players, they all enjoyed this very much.
by Jared Saltalamacchia February 16, 2008
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In reference to any diseased-ridden vaginus; by definition, any female genitalia harboring a minimum of 4 STD's; in certain contexts can be used in reference to a female mosquito.
Boner: "Son, it is very important that you always wear a condom when you are fornicating with one of your concubines."

Son: "Don't worry Dad. I'm just intercoursing with the harlot who lives down the street. She's on birth control!"

Boner: "Oh no son. You should at least triple wrap before planting your tree in that West Nile snatch."
by Jared Saltalamacchia February 16, 2008
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