Vanille it's the new polite word to say an homosexual person, if you don't want someone to know that you are saying that he's so gay!
Sortit entre amis : « Heille Alex!? est-ce que c'est une vanille? »
Au club Parking : « Jé-suce Cryce qu'il est bo stenfant là, c'est tu une vanille? »
Dans un centre d'achat : « ca sent la vanille tu trouves pas? »
Dans un bar : « Ayoye, c'est tellement vanille comme musique »
by Barbie my role model June 22, 2006
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another name for Vanilla. Or a name for a white guy
"What Kind of ice cream is it?"
"Oh u mean Vaniller"

"That dude is straight up vaniller"
by jefe' March 25, 2010
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A mispronunciation of "vanilla", endemic to the Southern Accent. Once common, it is usually found in the elderly population of the Southern United States, since the accent has evolved over the years.
Me: "Okay, what ingredient does the cake call for next?"

Mimmie: "A teaspoon of vaniller."
by TurtleShroom August 06, 2011
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The best discord server that ever existed
It talks about vanilla
and it was created by ClemALaVanille (the best man ever)
Link : 3EzGbQjTcA
Tu connais le vanille server ?
Oui il est trop bien
T'as raison !
by ClemALaVanille February 18, 2021
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A special type of coffee that claims to have vanilla in it but has no trace of it at all. The process of making it usually includes a man eating a lot of vanilla, then taking a dump in a cup. Afterwards he melts the feces in hot water. This way the beverage gets the coffee look and the vanilla smell from the mans dump. The drink usually entices young girls with the scent of the mans dump.

Young woman: But the smell is so appealing! I must have some!
by Hot chocolateman September 08, 2011
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Weed infused with a vanilla flavour.
Bloke 1: Dude your smelling good tonight.
Bloke 2: Nah man, thats just my new vanilleed.
by Molissimo June 26, 2011
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