i) A yes man
ii) A patsy

iii) A puppet

iv) a stepmom giving advice to her step daughter.
Oh, I see that lovely portly retail magnate Michael Ashley has installed Steve Bruce as head coach


Hi mom my boyfriend is coming round tonight and I don’t know what to do. Will you be my head coach?
by Marjorie Osborne July 17, 2019
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nickname for championship-winning Coach Steve Spurrier
The Head Ball Coach went to the beach to tan.
by Coop Dupe June 1, 2018
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Stephen Orr Spurrier, head football coach of The University of South Carolina and former coach at The University of Florida and Duke University. Sometimes also referred to as the Ole Ball Coach. Could mean any head football coach when written in all lower case.
The Head Ball Coach is best known for bringing a high-powered passing attack to the SEC, giving UF's football stadium the nickname "The Swamp", winning the Heisman Trophy, and recruiting alcoholic quarterbacks.
by EdistoBro December 30, 2011
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