A type of most oftenly illegal sabotage for the means of slowing down, or making it counter effective to continue with a certain activity. Or simply to spread chaos.

Often used by activist for ecodefense against government sanctioned activity (clear cutting, polluting, etc.) by means of spiking trees, sugar in gas tanks of equipment, etc. Can also used against the statis quo and corporate america by wheat pasting bill boards, filling pay phones with vanille pudding, etc.

The best monkey wrenchers are never caught because they usally work alone and never tell anyone of their doings for that is how one is caught.
I often like to monkeywrench on the weekends since I'm forced to take the corporate cockshaft 5 days a week.
by Rankojin July 15, 2004
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The act of having an imagined wrench thrown into a system to mess it up or change things drastically.

A term used to describe a BIG upset in a regular season football match-up; typically refers to the conference or championship the teams are playing for or to get to.
Bob went and monkeywrenched the whole plan by asking his annoying buddies to come with us.

Iowa St. beat OSU?? The BCS has just been monkeywrenched!
by Allynius November 19, 2011
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any person who uses someone else's pre-existing attraction to them to mess up any relationship that other person might become involved in, regardless of whether or not they return feelings of attraction.
Liz could have cared less about Dre's attraction to her when he was single, but now that he's with Carrie, she's acting like a big ol' monkeywrench.
by cannocchiale September 20, 2010
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The process by which a female bends a male's penis backwards between his legs and proceeds to suck him off.
In 2001, Mike Krzyzewski, head coach of the Duke University men's basketball team, reportedly gave each potential recruit a monkeywrench upon their official visit to campus. Being eventual Duke basketball players, they all enjoyed this very much.
by Jared Saltalamacchia February 16, 2008
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someone who looks like a monkey who got hit by a wrench
Kenneth looks like a monkeywrencher
by andremr12 April 19, 2011
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Using lotion during a handjob (see hj)
The penis represents a monkeywrench
Lotion represents grease
Tommy:Dude last nite Lisa totaly gave me a Greasy Monkeywrench
Luis:Dude, I got one two nites ago
Tommy:Sweet dude
Luis:I know man
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