A Latino male with dark hair and eyes. Knows how to dress classy while still being the most honest and respectful guy. Every girl's dream boyfriend. Usually difficult to understand and emotional at times. Shy at first, but if he opens up to you he's the best lover you'll find. Generally attracted to blondes, and will always find a way to satisfy your love cravings. Awesome bro to be with and loves music. Isn't afraid to dance a beat if he feels like it, but he's modest so he doesn't try showing off. Very straight forward, and pretty oblivious to flirts. If you like him say so, he wont play tricks or cheat, so dont worry. If you let a guy like this go, you've gotta go see a mental hospital for your stupidity!
Girl 1: That guy Luis is pretty cute, I don't think he likes me tho.
Girl 2: He just doesn't show it but he's head over heels with you. Definitely won't cheat or lie to you. He's the perfect boyfriend!
by iceman4190 May 20, 2013
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A Latino with a big dick and can take anyone’s bitch
Is that Luis? Yea watch out he might take ur bitch
by Dadkkdetjkv February 25, 2018
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Luis is the cutest boy you’ll ever meet .Hes self conscious and dorky it’s almost irresistible.Hes a very clever and smart boy when he wants to be.He can be very confident and brave.But when his girlfriend is around he’s more dorky then usual.Luis is good friend to have around to make you laugh and smile
Luis is so cute
by Helen Bini May 12, 2018
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Luis is a dark-skinned Latino. He has the most amazing eyes. All the girls are head over heels for him but he pays no attention to them. He only gives his attention to one girl. Every girl wishes she was that girl. If you let Luis go then you need to go to a mental hospital and get some help. Luis is an amazing boyfriend. If you are the lucky girl to be his girlfriend never let him go,
Luis is so amazing. I wish he was my boyfriend
by Anonymous406 August 11, 2017
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Luis Is one amazing person, When you meet a luis, It’s impossible not to like him. He’s one of a kind and Really Cute. He will be there for you and he’s super Loyal. If you have a luis, Take Care of him 💞
Girl#1Omg looks it’s Luis!

Girl #2: Hes sooo cute

Girl #3: He’s my Boyfriend-
by Name_Meanings September 19, 2019
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Luis is a name. It can mean many things. It can mean he is nice, an idiot, smart, dumb, handsome, or very ugly. But the name is a name. It does not define you're personally or who you are. A name can't say what you are. So if you're a Luis, just be you. Be what you want to be.
An example of Luis? Nah. No need. Be the example my brother
by Some_ord.dude_oninternet October 21, 2018
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Luis is a tall, dark and handsome. His eyes of tiger brown are catarizing. People often speak of the colour of eyes, as if that were of importance, yet his would be beautiful in any shade. From his eyes comes an intensity, an honesty and gentleness. His great spirit and noble ways earns him the title of a 'gentleman'. When you hear him speak you just wonder how lips would move in a sensual kiss. A private guy who knows what he wants and won't stop till he gets it. An awesome friend with a nice low voice which makes you feel comfortable when your talking to him. He brightens the room with his jokes, most are dirty and you can't help but stare at him when he laughs. He has a laugh that makes you forget all your worries. His a heart breaker who he would rather remain friends with his Ex's rather than lose their friendship. His the type of guy that appreciates every single moment he spends with you whether it's good or bad and will always drop anything he may be doing just for the sake of helping a friend. He loves soccer, nature, coffee, basketball, spanish food, hummus and birds. His addicted to gaming so his love life is on the decline. His in love with Hazel but she'd rather stay friends with him that way their friendship will last forever. A very loyal person who hates to be lied to, it takes him a while to get over it.

Luis will make an awesome boyfriend/husband if there are any women out there searching for a true gentleman, Luis is your man!.
Laura: "OMG, how hott is that guy over there?"
Hazel: "Yeh, his my friend Luis, go over and talk to him if you like, his really funny"
Laura: :"Nah, I'm too nervous, I'll probably trip and break my neck as soon as I approach him"
by Hazel 1988 August 28, 2017
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