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A Latino male with dark hair and eyes. Knows how to dress classy while still being the most honest and respectful guy. Every girl's dream boyfriend. Usually difficult to understand and emotional at times. Shy at first, but if he opens up to you he's the best lover you'll find. Generally attracted to blondes, and will always find a way to satisfy your love cravings. Awesome bro to be with and loves music. Isn't afraid to dance a beat if he feels like it, but he's modest so he doesn't try showing off. Very straight forward, and pretty oblivious to flirts. If you like him say so, he wont play tricks or cheat, so dont worry. If you let a guy like this go, you've gotta go see a mental hospital for your stupidity!
Girl 1: That guy Luis is pretty cute, I don't think he likes me tho.
Girl 2: He just doesn't show it but he's head over heels with you. Definitely won't cheat or lie to you. He's the perfect boyfriend!
by iceman4190 May 19, 2013
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Luis is a dark-skinned Latino. He has the most amazing eyes. All the girls are head over heels for him but he pays no attention to them. He only gives his attention to one girl. Every girl wishes she was that girl. If you let Luis go then you need to go to a mental hospital and get some help. Luis is an amazing boyfriend. If you are the lucky girl to be his girlfriend never let him go,
Luis is so amazing. I wish he was my boyfriend
by Anonymous406 August 11, 2017
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1.A sexy, young, dark-hair/dark-eyed tall male with an irresistibly attractive face beautiful personality c; he's the sweetest guy you could ever meet has a perfect image of future boyfriend and perf body like OMG total OVARY BURNER lol if you let him go you need help. Luis is a guy you'd want to be around a guy you wished would hold you cause his hugs seems so warm and full of love<3

2.has FINE written all over them
3.pure gentlemen with class
me: i wish my boyfriend was like Luis
friend: you mean a perfect guy
by maryloveswafflesandhim February 11, 2013
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Luis is a tall, dark and handsome. His eyes of tiger brown are catarizing. People often speak of the colour of eyes, as if that were of importance, yet his would be beautiful in any shade. From his eyes comes an intensity, an honesty and gentleness. His great spirit and noble ways earns him the title of a 'gentleman'. When you hear him speak you just wonder how lips would move in a sensual kiss. A private guy who knows what he wants and won't stop till he gets it. An awesome friend with a nice low voice which makes you feel comfortable when your talking to him. He brightens the room with his jokes, most are dirty and you can't help but stare at him when he laughs. He has a laugh that makes you forget all your worries. His a heart breaker who he would rather remain friends with his Ex's rather than lose their friendship. His the type of guy that appreciates every single moment he spends with you whether it's good or bad and will always drop anything he may be doing just for the sake of helping a friend. He loves soccer, nature, coffee, basketball, spanish food, hummus and birds. His addicted to gaming so his love life is on the decline. His in love with Hazel but she'd rather stay friends with him that way their friendship will last forever. A very loyal person who hates to be lied to, it takes him a while to get over it.

Luis will make an awesome boyfriend/husband if there are any women out there searching for a true gentleman, Luis is your man!.
Laura: "OMG, how hott is that guy over there?"
Hazel: "Yeh, his my friend Luis, go over and talk to him if you like, his really funny"
Laura: :"Nah, I'm too nervous, I'll probably trip and break my neck as soon as I approach him"
by Hazel 1988 August 29, 2017
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Good friend funny but has anger issues and can roast the shit out of you if he wants to
Juan: Oh fuck, here comes Luis.
Nicolas: Yeah he's gonna roast the living shit out of us...
by FaCToRy_000 June 03, 2018
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Luis is a very determined and goofy young man.
Tall and generally attractive even when he looks his worse.
He's a chick magnet but usually pays no attention to them.
He's very caring, funny and honesty.
Every woman's walking fantasy.
A true Luis is hard to find and too valuable to loose.
by StupidMonkeyface December 13, 2010
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The most handsomest boy you could lay your eyes on. His laugh is contagious and he'll make you laugh for days. Undeniably the greatest guy any girl can have in there life. You will be shit out of luck to loss a guy like this. Never let a Luis go.
1. So has Luis talked to you?
2. No but I miss him like crazy.
1. I told you not to let him go, maybe next time youll listen to me.
by Vanaygay October 18, 2011
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