That dude who just gives it to right every time
Dre dre thats my bae bae .....the things he does to me noone can do .....
by Tika gross December 22, 2016
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Dre is an amazing, smart guy. He is very "cool" when he hangs out with his buddies. But when he's alone with his friend (particularly a girl) he is the sweetest man ever. He is handsome, and gets all the girls. He is one in a million..
"Look at Dre! He's so cute."
by Cater E. March 28, 2017
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the realest tallest sexiest nigga you will ever meet. he has such a nice haircut and he gets all the bitches! Dre's try to rap but fail alot and are so funny!! a dre is what you need in your life
man, that guy fucked my girl. i dont blame her for fucking him though, he's such a dre!
by andiknow June 19, 2017
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One of the most loyal people you could ever meet. He loves music and animals. He can be very quiet at times. He can be two tatally different people. Its very rare for dre to say he loves someone, Unless he really does. If you piss him off he may become cold-hearted. He may flash when very angry. Dre can bounce back from anything. Dre doesn't care what other people think of him. He is always ready to beat someone's ass when needed! He often holds a place for someone special! He sometimes just let people how he feels! He is passionate in his lover!
"Dre is very passionate about the things he loves"
by It's Famous December 13, 2018
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A sexy nigga. He’s nice but mean in the bed. That nigga is a 12 inch he will not just put the tip in he will fucc you up. ( WARNING.. he will make you cum. ) Just fw him ok.
Dre: imma just put the tip in
*one minute later*
Dre: damn ion know the tip will make you cum
..(he actually put it in whole)
by Clickbait cuhhh December 2, 2019
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dre is a very ugly boy dat i love he can die in hell with his gfn and he needa come back to me
by his favorite ex kristen January 19, 2023
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A breathtaking, hilarious, carefree, beautiful definition of true love in a human body. A man who came from nothing but deserves more than the world. He gives life mean and makes every moment with him a much brighter second. He is my other half. He is hope.
I love Dre.
by E. Carter July 25, 2019
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