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The act of having an imagined wrench thrown into a system to mess it up or change things drastically.

A term used to describe a BIG upset in a regular season football match-up; typically refers to the conference or championship the teams are playing for or to get to.
Bob went and monkeywrenched the whole plan by asking his annoying buddies to come with us.

Iowa St. beat OSU?? The BCS has just been monkeywrenched!
by Allynius November 19, 2011
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A phrase used by those who have lost interest in something they used to enjoy. This tends to happen during bouts of depression or anxiety.

Also a line in a popular Eminem song.
I used to game all the time but almost never anymore, where's my snare?

Where's my snare? I got no snare in my headphones.
by Allynius January 05, 2012
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