Not the best state in the country, but very far from the worst. Home to three million people, some really sweet cities, three great univerties, a whole bunch of stellar small private colleges and a ton of true natural beauty in its lush northeast bluff country and statewide river valleys, lakes, and yes, rolling fields. Iowa is a national leader in education (students in many other states including Texas take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, and everyone's heard of the ACT, based in Iowa City) and is leading the way in biofuels to reduce the nation's dependence on oil. To dispel the ignorance displayed elsewhere on this post, here's a state breakdown of cities and topography. If seventy synonyms for boobs is alright to post, so is this.

Central Iowa: Des Moines, located at the intersection of I-80 and I-35, is the largest city with a metro of a half million and is the state capital, second only to London for the title of insurance capital of the world. Ames (80,000 metro) is about a half hour north of Des Moines and is home to Iowa State University, a land grant school of 30,000 respected around the world for its engineering and agricultural programs. Central Iowa is, outside of river vallies, very flat, and outside of the Des Moines area and Ames is very sparsely populated.

Eastern Iowa: The most densely populated area of the state. Ethnically diverse Iowa City (115,000 metro) was Iowa's first state capital, was the first city in the world to elect a female mayor, has been named the most cultured city per capita in the nation, is always in the top five cities in the country for education, and is home to the University of Iowa, 30,000, nationally renowned for its Carver College of Medicine and Iowa Hawkeye athletics. The music departments of Iowa City's two large public high schools have won a total of five Grammy awards. Cedar Rapids, (200,000 metro) just twenty minutes north of Iowa City in the beautiful Cedar River valley, is the second largest single city, is the economic hub of eastern Iowa, has two private colleges, and is best known for being the place you get any of your Quaker Oats brand ceral from. Waterloo/Cedar Falls, two conjoined cities (130,000 metro) is where the Unviersity of Northern Iowa, 18,000, is located. The Quad Cities, (375,000 metro) two in Iowa and two in Illinois, straddle the Mississippi and form the largest metro between Des Moines and Chicago. The largest of the four cities is Davenport, IA, home to the Bix 7 foot race whose hilly course and large prize attract runners from every part of the globe. Dubuque, (90,000 metro) on the Mississippi where Iowa meets Illinois and Wisconsin, is Iowa's oldest city. It is home to a ton of beautiful architecture, four private colleges, a far-reaching ELCA Lutheran seminary, and the Smithsonion affiliated National Mississippi River Musem and Aquarium. Eastern Iowa's topography is for the most part very rolling farmland, with the exception of the hillier Iowa river valley, Cedar river valley, and the bluffs and hills skirting the whole eastern border along the Mississippi. The northeast corner of the state is all bluffland, home to small town Decorah and reputed Luther College.

Western Iowa: The vast majority of Iowa west of I-35 is flat farmland with the exception of the very westernmost strip. Sioux City on the Missouri river (the western border) is a good sized city with nice amenities and lots of historyt. Council Bluffs is the largest suburb of Omaha, just across the river in Nebraska. The Iowa Great Lakes region contains many large lakes, most notably lake Okoboji, one of only three blue water lakes in the world. The Loess Hills state park runs along the whole westernmost strip of the state, and offers lots of hilly hiking and some of the state's largest forests.

Iowa's motto should be "Iowa: Not as bad as you picture it."
Person One: You're moving to Iowa? Damn.
Person Two: Nah, it's actually pretty sweet.
by Midwestern Son May 07, 2006
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A state that quietly grows corn and takes care of its own affairs. Residents think Des Moines compares to New York.
Iowa...Corn Capital and Fun Times of the World
by Mosaic October 07, 2006
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State in the midwest, mostly farmland, but has a fantastic balance of rural, suberban, and highly populated areas. It is named after the Soux indian name meaning land between 2 rivers(missouri, Mississippi). Produces more corn and pork than any other state, and is not home to a bunch of hicks. in fact Iowa has the highest % of leteracy in the United states. statisticly its largest city, Des Moines, is in a perfect location for trade because it lies on interstate 35 and interstate 80, 2 of the buisiest highways in the US. however, because of Chicago's close proximity there isnt quite as many large factorys as there should be. Iowa is a beautiful state with hilly reigons in the east and hundreds of rivers and streams. The people are known for being friendly, usually hard working, and down to earth.

***to readers in the Northeast and california specificly***
No, just because someone lives in Iowa does not mean that they live on a farm. enough said. and another thing, stop mistaking Iowa for Idaho and Ohio. yes, they do sound the same but seriously, get it right its not that hard
1:Hey, where are you from?
1:Isn't that where the potatoes grow?
2:No ,thats Idaho
1:So what are you a farmer?
2No, i live in Des Moines
1:Oh, how many people live there, 15,000?
by El Fiestador December 22, 2010
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I want to get out of here. Nothing but corn, farming, etc. No theme parks. No museums. No beaches. No mountains. Nothing. I have nothing to do. Summer's are humid as hell, winters are cold as hell. Avoid this shit hole of a state, I'll get out as soon as I can.
Person 1: Iowa doesn't have any corn, and it's full of things to do, beautiful landscapes, and cities!

Me: stop lying to make our state look good.
by guacamolesong1121 June 06, 2016
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People who dont live in Iowa refer to Iowa is full of corn and farmers. Its full of things pretty much from other states. 3 million awesome people live there. And its probably 3 million people you would never forget because they are so nice. Iowa is also one of the most beautiful places to live and only cool people can live in Iowa. Because Iowa is THE SHITT. Also home to the best college football team the IOWA HAWKEYES!
I love people from Iowa. They are always nice and awesome.
by yourmomsucksbutthole June 25, 2010
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The greatest state in the Union with education, and the ability to function with agriculture and good morals,When western civilization comes crashing down around you other 49 inferior states (Illinois is ok).
Man 1#: Im tired of fuck-offs making fun of Iowa why don't we just secede and laugh our asses off while those homo-erotic Californians starve to death.

Man2# Yeah I can't wait!
by SKFD 68 February 04, 2009
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What the hell is this
I - Idiots

O - Out

W - Wondering

A - Around
We're the smartest state in the U.S!
For Christ's sake, stop your bitching about our "terrible driving" and go to New York, give me a review about their shitty driving.

God damn, Iowa has some of the nicest people, and there isn't corn EVERY WHERE.
To be honest, there isn't even as much corn as you think there would be, there are more cities than corn.

Plus, if you hate Iowa then promise me you'll never eat corn and or barilla noodles again.
So, all you more suberban suburban states can suck it because Iowa is the shit!
Person 1: Dude, you live in Iowa?! You might as well just live in a corn field. HAH, are you a farmer?!
Person 2: No, actually i'm a physicist for Iowa State University, one of the best colleges in the world.

Person 2: No.. it was a mansion in the suburbs of Des Moines
Person 1: GO EAT CORN! :(

Person 2: Okay, I will. And I'll rub it in your face cause Iowans have some DAMN FINE CORN!
by Angry Iowan. <__<' October 16, 2011
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