acronymn for hand job. the act of pleasuring a man's penis by stroking it vigorously with a hand. Similarly like the acronymn bj. Also for slang purposes the acronymn can be seperated to clue its hidden derogatory meaning.
"She gave me a wicked hj."
"So did she h the j?"
"She took the h train all the way to J town."
"She dropped a wicked h bomb on j pan last night."
by Darrius August 31, 2004
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A handjob, i mean, it's nothing compared to a a blowjob, but hey. It's a start.
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
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Something a man and women do when they are bored, or when people are close by- in that case cover with a blanket or jacket and apply poker faces
Hey, *insert male name here*, I'm bored... do you have your jacket with you?
by Kristine August 2, 2004
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by red clan January 11, 2019
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A handjob. It feels good, almost as good as a stranger. It happens when your gf is not ready to give you a bj.
She gives the best free hj's.
She went from giving me an hj to a bj and it felt really good.
I wanted to fuck her boobs really hard, but then she said no, only hj's tonight.
by Charlie March 24, 2005
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i was born in the money shot, load upon my brow, i frown looking keenly throughout thy name.
pump pump pull...ohhhh......all over your moms fuck sac
by James Thurmus September 26, 2003
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intials for the phrase 'hoof job' a decadent act centaurs frequently engage in, often exchanged for some goods or another service
i'll give you a wicked chafe-free hj in the store 24 parking lot if you take me there in yo jammy
by Some Centaurs Saw a Saucer April 22, 2004
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