adj, noun, adv, conjunction, verb, etc.
means anything, especially mitch, and the mitch part deux, used as a swear word, or to emphasize
i'm going to mitch you
it's mitching cold out
go mitch yourself
by mitchpartdeux June 1, 2005
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Doing a 'mitch' is the act of sniping on someones love interest.
Person 1: I really like this guy.
Person 2: Aw that is cool.
Shortly followed by person 2 making a move on the guy...thus doing a mitch.
by Mitchieboo101 September 15, 2013
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(verb)- to following, esp. due to a complete lack of leadership abilities.
Boy 1: "For FUCK'S sake Greg, can you please get some charisma and stop mitching us?"

Leader: "Seriously, man. Where's your leadership abilities?"
by MightyCrossbow October 17, 2010
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Hey Ryan stop being a mitch! We're here to drink!
by soundfreak5488 July 21, 2014
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A term reserved in disc golf when a disc golfer, trying to make a putt, hits the top band of the basket and misses the putt.
Oh Shit! You had a chance to win the USDGC but you Mitched It!
by BumpusHound February 11, 2016
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A term reserved for those who reject so many woment that bitching it no longer cuts it.
"Hey man did you root that chick last night?" "Na man I just went home and studied" "Oh my god dude stop mitching it!"
by Anonymous..,. May 1, 2009
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