An incredibly fun and addictive sport that is played by all ages. Originally played with made up targets (lamp post's, fire hydrant's, tree's) and traditional frisbee's. Disc golf has evolved into a sport that is played around the world with over 1700 courses, most of them in The United States.
Target's are now welded metal baskets with hanging chains, and the disc's thrown are specific to the game. All you need is one to play, but players often carry 10 to 20 disc's, all with different flight characteristics and weights.
Let's sell the house, buy an RV. and go tour the country playing as many disc golf courses as we can!
by Masco May 4, 2006
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A (kickass) sport in which a flying disc is thrown from distances to a target which is a metal basket with chain link to grip the disc.
Let's go play some disc golf at the course.
by hizzo June 1, 2003
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A game that is seemingly only played by old hippies and college students. College hippies seem to excel at this sport. One of the many sports that always seem easier when stoned and/or drunk.

The game is rather simple, throw a disc (frisbee-type thingy) into the basket (a pole with chains and a wire basket).

There are many different types of discs for many different types of throws. Courses can vary greatly, from wide-open flat courses to heavily wooded areas, to areas wrought with water hazards and areas with large hills and sudden drop-offs.

Disc Golf is also loosely termed "off-road golf" as the courses tend to be a lot harder than ball golf courses, in terms of the fairways and the rough.
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a game played with a frisbee disc and a pole hole with chains..

Lets go play some disc golf int he Park
by will September 11, 2003
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Tim is too conscious of his own physical condition to be carted around an artificial, over-maintained course of "real" golf while drinking beers and hitting a small ball with a stick into a hole, so he walks through a varied natural scape throwing a flying disc at 18 strategically placed baskets (while puffing on some bud). Wooooo disc golf!!
by Aneen July 15, 2010
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Tim is too fat to walk 18 holes of real golf so he throws a frisbee as a basket while drinking beers and puffing on some bud. wooooo disc golf
by panterastang May 28, 2009
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A fun scapegoat to hang out with buds and smoke buds. Played by a range of all ages with the same determination to play a game in nature and get lit enough to jump of of a friends 2 story house in the process, often improving the skill of which one plays.
Dude I just got a call from Mary...wanna go play disc golf?

Eric: Hey bro, wanna shoot some discs today?
Tom: Sure bro, but don't forget the visine this time.

by Bahtsy June 13, 2008
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