a man bitch, aka a guy who's always really pissy and bitching at everyone else in a petty girly way.
Boy: Shut the hell up!
Everyone else: Stop being such a mitch!
by Risss September 24, 2005
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1. Adj. : A highly inappropriate statement remarkably able to not be considered sexual hasassment.

2. A half-rat, half-human hybrid.
1. That guy is so smooth, he pulled a mitch.
2. Mitch is such a mitch.
by tha hamburglar September 15, 2005
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Man Bitch, A guy who acts like a Bitch all the time, sits down to pee,always complains and a general all round tosser.
That guy over there is always complaining about something, He is such a Mitch!
by Jizzrod1976 May 03, 2011
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A Mitch is a male who happens to act like a bitch. These are the kind of guys to marry a chick after the date or the kind of guys to take your side chick out to dinner. They would rather receive than give during sex.
Hey Kenneth, how did your date go?

Kenneth: it went well. I love her.

Man...stop being a Mitch
by Black redneck22 July 21, 2014
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1:an unpleasant short thing to look at
2:a type of midget and/or succubus

3:my bitch
1 & 2:me:oh my god,she's so short and scary,it's unpleasant just to look at her

danny:yeah i know..she's total mitch

3:john:nice girlfriend you got there dude

nick: yeah i know,she's a mitch:my bitch
by jammy say this shit May 03, 2010
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(noun) 1. A person who makes very corny, unfunny, yet surprisingly clever jokes that absolutely no one ever laughs at, however this person is persistent and continues to make these jokes for some unknown reason

(verb) 2. The act of making a joke that is corny, unfunny yet surprisingly clever, usually made by a Mitch (n). One does not have to be a Mitch (n) to Mitch (v).
1. "What was with that guy and all the corny ass jokes...?"
"I don't know, but he was such a Mitch!"

2. "Sorry, but if I was down with the brown, I'd get stuck in the toilet!" *proceeds to laugh at his own joke*

"Dude, you Mitch all of the fucking time"
by Alexander J. Thompson January 24, 2009
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