Teacher: Where's Bill today?
Ben: He said he was going to mitch off.
by Damian Chamberlain September 27, 2006
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Basically put,a Man bITCH.Annoying to both man and woman yet tolerated because it lowers the whining time.A mitch needs to be backhanded,but because your sister is more manly,you let her beat the fuck out of him (her?)
Vince is such a whiney mitch but because he has a pool we can pretend that he has tits and acts like a bitch.
by Nasty Mcdirty May 5, 2006
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a mitch is a usually a boy who is trapped in life, doesnt know weather he wants to be straight gay or bi sexual, loves touching arab pee pees and putting a digit in a old mans arse, likes to masturbate while lighting candles. for fun mitches like to play a game called keep the flame, this game insists of shoving a lit candle up the anus and pulling it out again with the flame still alive, to do this u have to have a loose asshole
by tijah September 11, 2008
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Sheriff bill is being a real mitch today
by dirtboy June 19, 2014
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