A person who is as bitchy as the usual bitches; the only difference is tht he happens to be a male.
Definition of Bitch(female) : (in this contxt)
She would not do anything constructive, all day she would just say malicious things about ppl around".
Reggie: "My boss is again bad-mouthing about mee, I donno why he does tht all the time" ? (scowls)
Archie: "Trust me, he would, cause he's a male bitch, but donn worry,so is my boss". (says matter of factly).
by Rolling Stone May 26, 2008
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Basically when a insecure pussy talks down to you to feel better about their miserable existence. They often avoid confrontation and front and buckle when confronted.
You see that guy talking shit, but can’t back it?

Yeah, he must suffer from beta male bitch syndrome.
by Joking jester August 5, 2018
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