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In Kazakhstan we say is when you squeeze a bad smell from the hole is to do a putt.
If you like I do a big putt. Put your hand close. It is coming. Wait, wait, it is coming.
by Borat Sagdiyev October 01, 2006
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Another name for fart ; used to describe a fart
Wow! That was a big ol' putt!
by Emmaann January 13, 2016
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a loser. used especially when they do something lame or annoying.
Person 1: *rips juul*
Person 2: you’re such a fucking putt.
by putt bitch July 28, 2018
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The abrieviation of the Maori word (Native New Zealander) "Paru" meaning "dirty" or "unatractive" The word came about in the mid 18th century when the chief of Nga Puhi "Hone Heke" told the King of England that the fact they were trying to invade Aoteroa was "SOOoo Putts!"
"Stu bro you are soooo putts"

Nick "Hey Ralph"
Ralph "Yea buddy"
Nick "Your so putts!"
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