Abbreviation on Michelin Man. This name can be used to describe a large person with rolls of flab.
"Man, who is that huge woman?"
"Oh, that's Mitch... I mean Sue..."
by Corinne Simpson October 15, 2006
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A man who consistently acts like a bitch and partakes in bitch-ish activities and one who has a bitch-ish personality.
The mitch would not stop complaining and whining when he was excluded from an activity with his friends.
by Iknowitallmitch June 20, 2014
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A term that is used to describe an 18th Century pubic wig.

Also see: mitch'd: a term to describe the pubic hair of a lady being rubbed against your face
Tim: "I just saw you get mitch'd by Laura"
Dave: "Shut up...."
Tim: "Owned"
by Mike McKie January 16, 2008
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A three day weekend which involves not working on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
I’m taking a mitch this week aw I have to go visit my relatives in California.
by Mccannt1 July 28, 2018
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Katy: Kevin is such a mitch
Lara: i know right
by Elleboss September 29, 2015
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adj, noun, adv, conjunction, verb, etc.
means anything, especially mitch, and the mitch part deux, used as a swear word, or to emphasize
i'm going to mitch you
it's mitching cold out
go mitch yourself
by mitchpartdeux June 1, 2005
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