British slang term Β£500 (Five Hundred Pounds). Invented in the 19th century when British solders occupying India used 500 rupee notes which had monkeys printed on them. The term was then converted into sterling as soldiers returned to their civilian lives.
Man1: How much you selling your car for?
Man2: I want a monkey for it.
by mogsog101 January 04, 2009
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A furry animal that shall soon be the rulers of the universe. They have big ears.
"They're coming man. The monkeys. They're coming for me!"
by Skiff December 31, 2003
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Monkey is an other word for β€œKSI” who is a monkey as seen that he is a coon
SPECTACULAR That is a Monkey on the car, HEY KSI get off the car AH AH, you silly nigga coon
by Really Cool BoY May 03, 2019
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The most awesome animal in the world. Can be tamed to play instruments, act in movies, etc. He who has a monkey 0wns.
I bought a monkey yesterday, and now I am extremely cool.
by KaiserMonkey August 26, 2003
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A racial slur often targeted at members of the betailed Saiyan race. Saiyans find this offensive because it suggests their uncivilized nature, which non saiyans are expected to ignore. It should also be noted that, Saiyans do customarily refer to each other as Monkey, which when used in such a context, is a term of endearment.
"I can't believe I was defeated by a MONKEY!"
"Hey man, you hear that Monkey Kakarot just pwned Frieza?"
by babyfrieza December 01, 2011
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