Balling on anyone and everyone who tries to come close to you that is under your level
Larry is a bitch because he tries to flash with money when he doesn't make any money I am pouring because I make money and I don't have to flash with anyone else's money
by Shythedon August 26, 2017
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Having engaged in hot sexual activities with someone (past tense)
Last night I poured it to this Ho so good, she let me dump my load in her ear.
by BBWW December 6, 2006
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a female or male that ejaculates during sexual intercourse or arousal.
damn baby, you just made me pour.
by starrbaby November 3, 2008
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A phrase used to describe how someone got into tight clothing.
Cheryl: Damn, Nae's jeans are soo tight. How did she get them on.
Angie: I am sure she was poured in.
by TonniG January 30, 2009
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To hit it hard. To stop kidding around and get serious. When a boxer goes in for the kill he's "pouring it on". To become very focused and effective.
During a car chase, the pursuer might say: "Let's pour it on...!" or the pursued might say: "He's really pouring it on...!"
by The Bald Bomber May 3, 2008
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When you accidentally send a snapchat and instantly forget what it said or what it means.
Lol I totally poured Doof last night, I have no idea what I sent
by anihpares November 6, 2016
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When you blow your hot creamy load all over the back of a woman. Just like applying a pour-on drench to animals
"bro brought that chick back from town the other night, gave her a pour on"
by Joe34 June 5, 2006
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