When you are having an identity crisis and you ask
Who am I?
by rammybear December 3, 2018
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1. To be incredibly drunk; to have consumed 9 or 10 standard drinks
2. To loose a sense of self; to no longer have an identity, but merely be a drunk fuck. See assclown
3. Suicidal contemplation: A question one asks before raising a gun to one's head and pulling the trigger
4. Puberty blues; adolescent depression; see ahma piece of shit
5. Greater than Where am I and lesser than What am I
Scenario 1:
*Reflection after Hangover*
Dude: Shit, I can't remember anything; and I think I got with a girl named Shazza. Who am I?
Scenario 2:
Prav: Who am I? *gunshot heard*
Andrew: Prav? PRAV?
Scenario 3:
Prav: I'm such a disgruce. Who am I?
Andrew: ...Go to sleep timme.
by Blackstump November 14, 2003
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The top 1 imgfliper of all
Omg its who am i!
by Knam_attack_on_you July 5, 2021
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When you have nothing else to do but scream out Tik Tok songs until you die.
"Hey Jake, what you doin?" "Who am I!? Who am I!? What are you even saying!? Im the loser of the game you didnt know you were playing! Lets play another game! This time I get to win! Life on the line! Winner takes all! Ready or not!? Lets begiiin!!" "So no head?"
by NillyChatterBox October 21, 2019
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a phrase made popular by BULLY from animals of farthing wood.
BULLY: who am i, who am i
RAT PACK: bully, bully
by jonno johnson January 24, 2004
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The condom that all guys above 13 have in their wallets and bring to parties even though they know that they wont be getting any.
Dude A:Hey, i think that girl likes me.
Dude B:take her upstairs...
Dude A:allright, i dont think anything will happen though. im way out of her legue.
Dude B:well do you have your who-am-i-kidding condom?
Dude A:yeah...
Dude B:then you might aswell try. If the rooms a-rocking, i wont come knocking
by NotYetFamous February 25, 2008
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The sole condom, possibly past it's use-by date that is stored in the wallet of the hopelessly single.
That bitch stole my wallet! I mean seriously, what's she going to do with my expired Driver's License and who-am-I-kidding? condom
by DJNrrd May 21, 2007
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