Jesse is the type of person that everyone loves. Not only is he very intelligent but also a great Person in total. He is not the type of guy to pick a fight with but only because he knows he will win. Make sure you don't start an argument with him either because he WILL make you look like an absolute idiot. He can be a very nice guy but only if you are nice to him. He enjoys sports and is everything you would hope for. If you are a girl that is reading this, Jesse would be the best person you would ever meet. He wont only just hang out with you but will also care about you. He is always super laid back and can be funny. Jesse is strong, Good looking, smart, honest, can keep a secret, and just a great person in total.
by The guy u like November 15, 2016
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A drug addict who teamed up with his old chemistry teacher who has cancer to cook meth in an RV
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A passionate, intelligent and thoughful man. He is awesome, he will inspire you to live life with courage and becomes that light of hope that awakens the soul.The one who captures his heart is a lucky one and should only feel pride and love to be with him. He desserves only the best.
I am thankful to have a Jesse in my life
by Thrillme October 7, 2012
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An individual who - at some point in their life - will search their own name on
"Hey man you should check out" "YA, I totally will...I wonder what comes up if I search Jesse?"
by Mystr_o May 10, 2010
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Jesse is cool and if u see him you know he can say the n word
Hey that’s Jesse he can say the n word
by Beaner467464 November 4, 2019
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A name for a boy who is unlike anyone else. He is extremely good looking, popular, funny, intelligent, athletic, musically inclined, and will understand you completely. All he wants to do is enjoy life without stress or worry. No one can compare to a Jesse. Though he may be misunderstood by many, he is loved by those who do understand him. If you are one to be close to a Jesse, consider yourself lucky because not many are. Everyone should have the chance to get to know a Jesse. They are truly amazing.
That boy is incredible. He must be a Jesse.
by Kool Cookie August 6, 2011
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A wonderful guy who's loyal to his friends, family, and pets. He loves anything with peanut butter and has a caring heart made of gold. God is always with him.
by Kittiewhittie April 19, 2016
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