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Jesse is the New Zealander from midland, his hair scares the child rapist away. Jesse originates from the beautiful country of mountains and sheep. Jesse brings a smile to everyone's face when he walks past, probably from his imitating structure. Jesse has to live in New Zealand because it's the only place that will fit his dick longwise, because it's so big.
Guy 1: Have you been to New Zealand
Guy 2: No because all I saw was Jesse's dick
by Daniel5tookenham August 30, 2020
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a Feckless, Shameless, Coward whose purpose in Life is to please Donald J. Trump with Oral Praise and Bullshit Compliments. ( Noun ).
Lindsey Graham is a consummate Trump Fluffer.
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by FortunateSun October 24, 2019
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a super amazing guy. he's sweet, funny, caring, cute/hot, lovable, playful, and a bit of a trouble-maker. he has pretty eyes, he loves anime and music, and he says some of the sweetest things in the world. he's unique. he always knows how to make you smile or laugh, and can definitely cheer you up when your down. he's very trust-worthy, and you can tell him anything. yes, he's some-what perverted and says perverted things sometimes, but only says it to make people laugh. alot of girls like him, but he's not the type of guy that goes and dates every girl he can get. you should feel special if you get close to him, because he doesn't let many people get that close to him. jesse is just awesome. <3
Jesse is just amazing. End of story. (:
by Alexandria Six. October 01, 2011
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Some kid, usually a freshman that will beat the fuck out of you.
That Jesse kid just made Ricardo eat shit
by Derek10 October 08, 2014
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The most genuine, sweet, charming, and handsome guy you will ever meet. He has eyes that you could stare into forever, they leave you breathless and his kiss makes you weak. You feel stronger and weaker at the same time when you're around him, and he always knows how to make you feel important. He's naturally good at anything he tries, and can make up the most believable stories that will crack you up. He's not a very good liar though, which is a good thing, and everyone wants to be his best friend. You should consider yourself lucky if you have a Jesse, just like me. Never, ever let him go.
"Is your boyfriend Jesse? No? Then shut up."
by yourpumpkin August 20, 2011
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An all around incredible guy. He is extremely good looking, musically inclined, fit, intelligent, thoughtful, trustworthy, outgoing, and very lovable. He likes to joke around and can be a bit of a troublemaker but only to put a smile on your face. He has a vast collection of random and interesting facts. Says the sweetest things and makes a girl feel like she is the only one alive.
"That's just Jesse.. "
by Jesse's grl December 02, 2014
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1.) The Lord Is Here
2.) The Most Amazingly Perfect Person Put On This Earth. He Is Smart, Humoruous, Cute, And Loving. Puts Others Before Himself All The Time. Deserves The World. He Can Be Shy, And Outgoing. He Can Always Put A Smile On Your Face. Very Athletic, To The Point Of Being A Jock. But He Is Understanding Of Others Feelings. Protective Of The Ones He Loves. Very Dominate Personality But, At The Same Time Can Be Fairly Passive. Always Honest, Loyal, And Perfect. Smarts Are In His Blood. He Is Loved By All. Especially, His Girl.
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