Ultra-pathetic and corporate way to tell someone you have lots of work to do, used in UK offices. If you notice yourself using this phrase then you need a change of job, lifestyle, haircut and sexuality
How you doin'?
Oh, I'm really busy at the moment. It's all fun and games...!
by Jackie-F October 04, 2005
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All right, Bill, the fun and games are over. It's time to get down to work. This isn't a serious course. It's nothing but all fun and games.
by English1O1 November 02, 2017
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Usually between teens, used as flirting, the girl lies on top on top of a bed stomach, down, the guy crawls under the bed. He then proceeds to poke the mattress trying to find her "fun buttons". On a girl (obv.) there are 3 fun buttons. Each boob and her vagina. The guy askes the girl if he's poking her in the right place. The girl will tell him yes or no, depending on how hard the guy is pushing she might let out a moan or a little flirty giggle. After the guy has found all 3 buttons he can proceed to push it as much as he wants or as much as she wants. The girl might also choose to reward the guy with a show after he has found all the buttons. The most used rewards, are a boob squeeze, make-out session, a strip tease, a lap dance, or depending on how far they want to go, the reward could be sex.
Cathy: So did you have fun with Cory last night?
Danielle: OMG! it was soo much fun, we played fun buttons game!
Cathy: OOOOOOO, did you reward him?
Danielle: hell yeah!
Cathy: What did you do?
Danielle: I let him squeeze my boobs, and then I stripped.
Cathy: I bet he liked that.
Danielle: His expression through all of it was priceless
Cathy: I think me and Matt will play fun buttons tonight.. who knows?
by HornyTeen69 July 10, 2008
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Something you say as a joke at first until it gets serious.
It’s all fun n games ‘till we lose.
It’s all fun n games ‘till we get robbed.

It’s all fun n games ‘till we get shot.

It’s all fun n games ‘till I cry
by Fierro November 12, 2020
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A game usually played in Texas which originates from Houston, Texas. The basic concept is a race to get a stranger's phone number. There are multiple rules(such as time limits, age limits, etc.) created over time and different versions of the game with slightly different rules(like whether or not you can be in a relationship and still play the game) can be found in Texas. The game is usually played in malls, schools/universities, and parks. Some people keep records of how fast the winners can win the game at specific places.
I'm bored, let's play the Fun Game!
Don't be shy, The Fun Game really helps your confidence!
Hey! You broke my record of 1:15 at the Woodlands Mall!
by Digiomegamon February 19, 2012
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you get naked (most likely while under the influence of some drug or alcoholic beverage) and just take it from there.
"yesterday i got soo crunk me and angela played the naked fun game i don't even remember what happend!"
by alex0001 December 04, 2007
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Basically applied to any retard who does some Jackass or Dirty Sanchez stuff, and usually, the mature person like a parent or police officer or care worker etc will say it.

"Officer, i was only doing a grind on that rusty fence with a rickety skateboard near that used needle heap because it was funny.
"Yeah, Well its all fun and games til someone loses a bollock."
by btardia February 03, 2008
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