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she is the girl in every guys dream.. even though a lot of guys are crushing on her, she has her eyes set for that one guy. she is a truly gorgeous. her beautiful hair and amazing body is her best features.
dang that girl telsa is gorgeous
by craxy78 January 20, 2018
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Someone who even though doesn't know it, is gorgeous. She is very caring and kind and will always put her friends and family in front of herself. She falls for guys hard and it takes her a while to get over someone. A lot of fun to be around and always brings a smile to your face. Not a lot of people know her because she is shy but once you get to know her it is impossible to forget her. Has an amazing laugh that catches everyone's attention. Her hair is out of control but is very beautiful. She is different from any other girl that you know so never let her go once you get a Telsa.
"Who's that?"

"That's Telsa!"

"That girl is gorgeous!"
"Ya that's Telsa!"

"That girl is an amazing person!"
"She must be a Telsa!"
by Trevsbug October 20, 2013
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