Surgical decoration of the body, esp. the ears, nostrils, eyebrows and navel; sometimes the tongue, nipples, or genitalia. Considered attractive by some, disgusting by others
At my elementary school, they frowned on navel-piercing until the principal had it done.
by cornholio October 12, 2003
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Piercing is one kind of bod mod or body modification, along with tattoing... The word piercing is very general.., Well at least for me. It can be done on any.. and I mean any part of the body.. That's why it's called body piercing.

Having body piercings do make you look like a bad person but only to the eyes of conservative and narrow minded people.

Body piercings are a great way to express creativity and one's being artistic.

ear piercing, stretching, scalpelling, snug, industrial piercing, daith, rook, nose piercing, septum piercing, nostril piercing, brow piercing, anti eyebrows, nipple piercing, uvula, pocketing, and many others.
I like rachel's industrial piercing.. I think of getting pierced myself.. :-)
by aestheticist November 24, 2006
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a precisely placed hole in the human body put their by someone who has hopefully trained a long time. Often owned by whiney,ungrateful people who aren't going to look after it and wouldn't dream of tipping their piercer though they'll happily tip a bartender for cracking the lid off a Budweiser.
Wow, that piercing didn't hurt a bit, well bye.
by Painless Phil August 10, 2004
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A name generally given to extremely lucky males. People graced with this name are very talented and are exceptional in everything they do, and are generally noticed for it. Sports and arts abilities come easily to them due to their extraordinary minds and very capable bodies. People with this name get along with others very well, particularly females; this trait is also attributed to the fact that a Pierce is usually good looking. If a person has this name the chances are that they are an extremely smart individual, and are probably better at everything than you. If you are defeated at a task by a Pierce then don't bother trying again, you will never ever win, ever. Don't be ashamed though, there are those out there who would give there first born son just to know a legendary Pierce.
"Damn, Pierce beat me again today."
"Well, he is a Pierce."

Example 2
"Damn, I saw my girlfriend with Pierce today"
"Dude, it's over between you too now. Don't even try."
by Masterchiefisjealousofme March 8, 2008
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Usually a powerful and popular male.
That guys such a legend. Yeah, what a Pierce.
by Gareth HBN December 12, 2007
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An art that requires puncturing of the skin. Can alter your looks depending on how much you get or where you get it at on the body.
I am getting piercings because I like the style of it, and the jewlery looks nice too.
by poohder June 24, 2011
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student 1 "oh dam did you see Pierce!" student 2 " ya i did he is so awesome!"
by Lvl 34 wizard 4 life February 28, 2011
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