1) (n) Short for "economics."
2) (adj) Very cheap, low-quality, and budget. Short for "economical."
3) (v) To scam (con) someone over the internet.
Jeff: "How's that new Navigator you got over the internet, man? Those cars are sweet...and what a steal for $10,000!"
Geoff: "Um, yeah. It was a damned compass...you know those things you navigate with?"
Jeff: "OOOOOOOH that sucks man...haha, navigator...I get it! You got straight-up ECONNED!!!"
Geoff: "I should have known there was something up when they didn't have a picture. And it was totally econ too. It came from the Dollar Store and the needle was broken. Retail value: 20 cents."
Jeff: "You should have known better, idiot. You're an econ major!" *SMACK!!!*
by Nick D May 26, 2005
The class that makes all seniors in high school want to kill themselves.
by Platypussylove February 4, 2019
Team Econ: the single greatest way mankind has ever organized themselves.

One faithful day, four knights of economics united to form the most formidable opponent in history. A four-headed machine, team econ can handle anything and everything. Also, Jesus Christ is their grandson.

The members of Team Econ are as follows:
Team Econ ate a rubix cube and pooped it out solved.

Team Econ conceived God.
by SilentOne21 October 9, 2008
adjective: to describe one that is talented and of high earning potential

popular BSc degree programme pursued at social science institutes, derived from 'mathematics and economics'.
Who's that generic? ....it's a maths and econ

Behan, what are you doing tonight? maths and econ
by Generic G January 19, 2011
that look you give when someone just tried to explain something and all the words fly over your head
Once the wise ass started talking about integrals, the dumbass gave him the econ stare
by hobobillie June 24, 2010
eCon Artist combines academic discussions and comedy to bring lighthearted learning and insightful humor. Education can be engaging and entertaining. Comedy doesn't need to only be fart jokes.
I listened to an eCon Artist discussion and learned about the substitution effect and laughed about how they applied it to their lack of a dating life.
by eConArtist September 19, 2019
To economize. To make more efficient.
G Dawg's policies often econ-izzle my nizzle. Fo rizzle
by DLL November 19, 2003