the reason why you lost your job, your 401k was wiped out, you don't have health care, your wife left you, and your dog died. there should be a country song about it.
why am i eating ramen noodles for dinner every day? the economy, man. the economy.
by bumbleclot January 30, 2009
You can now effectively contribute to any conversation simply by adding "not in this economy" at the end.
"Lets fuck"

"Not in this economy"

"Its gunna be a class act tonight girls"
"Not in this economy"
by bublygreenWonderbread June 6, 2009
a preface or tag line used to mollify or quantify any ridiculous or unscrupulous action or statement
yeah i shoplifted some gum earlier today, but you know In This Economy...

In This Economy...who bothers to shower anyway.
by Chucky G March 12, 2009
A multi-function excuse usable for absolutely anything.
Uggo: Do you want to go get some dinner on Friday night?
You: Not with this economy.
Uggo: I'll pay.
You: Crap.
by Minbargen June 9, 2009
The pre-cursor to a bad decision or proposition, usually as an excuse.
Ex 1. "In this economy, it's okay to not shower for six days."

Ex 2. "In this economy, it's necessary to limit a few of the extra rights of the people."
by Johnnytherockhammer October 19, 2011
1. Oh economy! I forgot to grab my phone!
2. This blueberry bagel tastes like economy.
3. Goddamn neighbors keep leaving dog economy on my front lawn!
by Lorelai Parker November 4, 2009
Something lazy retards (such as myself) use as an excuse to not get shit done.
Jim: You know, I WANNA get a job but no one's hiring right now. It's the economy bro.

Rick: No it isn't, you're just a lazy shithead with nothing going for you

Jim: ;(
by GMD88 February 27, 2011