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A pussy bitch kid that tends to listen to slow "get in touch with ur feelings i just got dumped by my girlfriend" music and wear tight cloths usually when wearing tight cloths considered to be what is called FASHION CORE. what needs to be done is that the emo kids need to wake up and stop listening to that slow shit and get some DILLENGER ESCAPE PLAN or PAINT IT BLACK INTO THERE FUCKING HEADS those band will help them relize what feeling is.
THERE is no example for them
by Drew December 28, 2004
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Very cute drummer for groovy new band,the Strokes. Boyfriend of Drew Barrymore, lucky chick.
I dreamed that Fab Moretti kissed me.
by Drew March 15, 2004
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to be fabulously luscious. Equivelent to being as hot as a penny on blacktop on a june afternoon.
Damn! Natalie is fabuluscious!
by Drew February 1, 2005
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A clothing brand equivelent to Hollister. Seen as a "rugged" or "tough" compared to the other "prep" styles when in fact it is much the same. Selling over priced items that appear to have already been worn.
Oh man, look at these sweet wrinkled cargo shorts, I'm so cool!
by Drew February 1, 2005
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the act performed by Jess and Joyce after a long night of Long Island Iced teas.
Hey Joyce! May I tongue punch your dirtstar? mmm mmm good!
by Drew November 15, 2003
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an alternative to the word chiba or cheeba.
we be smokin that treeba
by Drew July 12, 2003
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