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(Miserable) Adj. Any bad situation, event, person, ...
1. That old car is looking mizz.

2. You're looking mizz.
by Drew May 17, 2004
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To clasp one's hands together, causing an expulsion of air, which may sound like a squeek, or farting noise.
Stop eawakking, you freaking nazi.
by Drew June 11, 2004
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when someone eats a girl out or when a girl sucks a guys penis also known as gettin head.
i want to have oral sex tonite
by Drew April 15, 2004
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Air conditioning (or lack therof) in a car or truck by rolling down the windows and driving 60 mph.
Hell, yeah my hoopty has AC! It's gots 260 AC!
by Drew July 7, 2004
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The code name when a certian hawaiin lady get's irratable and/or angry at two certain boys.
Oh, no, pukyfozithazmekwijibz, run!
by Drew June 21, 2004
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An exclaimation that something good has happened or is about to happen.

Synonym: Awesome, amazing...
That party was off the fucking hinges like stolen coats yo!

That DVD was stolen coats man.
by Drew October 22, 2004
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Short for whodie.
Means dude, bro, man.
Sup whodes?
Yo whodes, make me a sandwich.
by Drew February 17, 2004
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