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an individual in a gang who has a high status. This person "calls the shots", but he dosen't carry it out, hes already done that role, hence his elevated status.
Shot caller: Go kill this dude named tone, you can find him on 34th street, apartment 419.
by drew December 25, 2003

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Anal sex, the act of anal intercourse between a man and woman
bend over and take in the ass
by Drew November 23, 2004

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The world's state-of-the-art Thrash Metal band.
by Drew October 27, 2003

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A Christian band that originated in Florida. They have an interesting sound, which can be described as screamo, hardcore, emo, and metalcore. They're earlier CD, 'The Changing of Times', has a more hardcore sound (it consists of about 85% screaming) than their newer CD, 'They're Only Chasing Safety', which is about 50/50 between screaming and singing.
A few of their good songs include 'When the Sun Sleeps', 'Never Meant o Break Your Heart', and 'Reinventing Your Exit'.
by Drew January 10, 2005

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The act of sex where a guys cock is stimulated between a girls boobs.
Put your cock between her boobs and go for it
by Drew November 23, 2004

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A pecker who thinks hes funny and never knows when to stop with the jokes. Likes to jiss on his own face and eat it. Brags about sexual encounters that he has never had and likely will never have. And if youre friends with him, be warned, he tells all of your secrets.

See loser
God that Cliff Redish kid is a moron
by drew April 21, 2004

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The noble race that created the Persian Empire.
by Drew October 16, 2003

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