Someone, or something that is weak, meak, or perhaps wimpy. Someone who lacks confidence, and/or is shy.
He got shut down by that girl! That guy's meager.

I don't feel comfortable at this party. I'm going to meager on out of here.

I can only last about 1 minutes in bed before I blow my load. I feel so meager.

That guy's weak chin makes him look so meager.
by Dave March 4, 2003
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A sully meager is the type of guy who hasn’t seen the light of day/ touched grass in the past 6 months. He probably plays Gta, Apex,league of legends or mine craft ( only Java ) and in these games he probably just griefs you
Bro this dude on GTA was sooo annoying, he’s such a sully meager
by Bhomus July 6, 2021
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