To free or deprive of illusion.
1.) The act of disenchanting.
2.) The condition or fact of being disenchanted.
*Can also mean disappointed or dissatisfied.
I have become disillusioned with life.
The government feeds us lies but I have now become disillusioned to them.
by Lesley Patterson November 28, 2007
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The psychological event that an individual undergoes when what was once considered to be true (i.e beliefs and ideals) is revealed to be false and inconsistent with what is widely agreed upon as truth.

Most common symptoms: disappointment, confusion, cognitive dissonance, depression, existential crisis
Bombs full of wisdom that fall from the sky of reason and objectivity that cause those who are caught within the blast radius to be temporarily disappointed by the fallout of disillusion.
by Earmagnet November 30, 2016
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The state in which one is not deluted by any false comforts.
Jake: "Wanna hang out today?"
Karly: "No, you don't even exist."
Jake: "What?"
Karly: "Sorry, I'm just terribly disillusioned."
by Hez La January 30, 2009
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Captain Disillusion is the alias of a video skeptic who breaks down viral film and video into cinematic components for analysis.
Captain Disillusion has a YouTube channel where he presents many viral videos with debunking evidence.
by The Red October May 15, 2009
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When you are in a foreign country and you realise that the food you ordered isn't what you expected it would be. Instead, the look, smell, taste and/or texture is somehow unnerving, unrecognisable and disappointing and you can't bear eating it.
Paul: Oh! I'm so hungry! Where's my chicken?

(Waiter brings food to the table)
Paul: What IS that!? I thought it was going to be stir-fried chicken but it's actually chicken tendons and cartilage!
Nat: Oh Paul, that is food disillusion right there. Do you want some of my fries?
by Flitta August 22, 2011
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A blog on Tumblr about a numerous number of things (e.g romance, depression/suicidal thoughts, manga) posted in a grayscale/ black and white format.
Follow '' to receive many heart-warming and uplifting images and quotes on your dashboard.


Disillusioned mirror is a great blog to follow for fantastic posts on Tumblr.
by Wishi101 September 4, 2014
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