The term to describe wear and tear on women who have either had alot of sex, or the amount of kids she gave birth to.
Devin was dating Katie. However, due to the mileage that she had on her with 6 kids, and a well known hoodrat she was, he decided to break it off with her completely.
by Big Kev October 23, 2005
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somewhere very, very far away
the ghetto is mileage from here
by annie holyoake January 13, 2005
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a long distance that needs to be traveled
"is it much further away?"
"yeah amn its fuckin milage!!"
by war.b February 16, 2005
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The term used to describe how much value (i.e. "bang for your buck") you will get out of a VIP Dance (i.e. private dance) from a stripper in a nudie bar.

A typical "low mileage" dance is completely hands-off. (i.e. no touching.)

A dance with fair mileage may include groping of the dancer's ass and breasts.

A dance where you're getting great mileage will include titty sucking, kissing, petting and digital vaginal penetration.

In some very rare cases, a dance including a hand-job, fellatio or full-on sex would be considered exceptional mileage. This, of course, could also be considered prostitution.
Tom: What kind of mileage will I get if I go back for a dance with that black chick?

Dick: Who, Mercedez? She'll let you finger her.
by Time4SumAksion August 16, 2006
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roasting someone so hard they squirt like a goose.
"Steve go sit on that table, you bellend"
"oh shit, he just got mileaged"
by Mazinsfan123 April 1, 2019
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The cumulative distance that a penis travels during sex (Length of penis multiplied by number of thrusts. In and out count as two thrusts). Can be a measure of a single event or a lifetime.
I grew up in the 70's and, man, have I accumulated some serious dick mileage.
by flyingdog January 30, 2008
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