1) The capital city of the republic of Ireland.
2) One of the counties of Ireland.
They are from Dublin.
by Dmitrysimpson January 25, 2006
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the Capitol city of Ireland.
located on the east coast, Dublin was originally a viking, then Anglo-Saxon port, because places like Dun-Laoghaire make ideal natural ports. the name comes from the Gaelic 'dubh linn' meaning black lake.

Dublin is home to almost half the 4.8 million people living in Ireland.

Dublin is traditionally divided into the more affluent south, and less affluent north sides by the liffy river.

notes for visitors:

Temple bar, in the middle of Dublin city has the best night life.

Defontain's in temple bar( on the right as you exit the allyway through the central bank) has the best pizza you will ever eat.

Traditional Irish food is just potatoes...don't bother.

Try the pubs, but they're not all good... choose carefully.

there are no leprechauns in Ireland. If you ask about them you're liable to quickly end a conversation.

The countryside, like with many countries, is nice to look at, but none too interesting.

Ireland is expensive, by any countries standards. notably, Alcohol, clothes, and taxis are well above average.

good craic is not an illigal substance, it's slang for fun.
Dublin is the capitol of Ireland

by paulred2 January 4, 2009
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A large preppy upper class suburb northwest of Columbus,Ohio. Dublin is home to many corporations such as Nationwide and Wendy's. It is also known for its milf's and the hottest girls in central Ohio. Dublin is a suburban paradise for white collar highly educated professionals with its clean, safe, and community oriented atmosphere. With great schools and plenty to do Dublin is a very appealing place to live.
Carly: OMGz I'm like soo bored want to go to the mall?
Ashlee: Yeah lets go to Tuttle Crossing.
Carly: Nah let's go to Polaris because us being from Dublin will be hotter than every girl there!
Ashlee: Oh yeah thats sooo true!!
by Wotown4L August 15, 2005
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Dublin Ohio, an affluent suburb located outside Columbus. Where police hand out three times more citations than any other Columbus suburb. Where not recieving a parking pass in the school lottery is grounds for tears, then a pass home for the day. A city where people brag about the mall, without sarcasm. Want to blast 50 Cent from your new Civic that your father bought you? You'll feel right at home, call it a whip for the win. There is however a high population of attractive mom's and highschool girls. Wear an Alligator polo(color popped)for your best shot.
Blake: (picks up book, opens)
Ashley: (sits up and looks excited and curiously)
Ashley: You Read!?!?
Blake: um... yeah
Ashley: For Fun?!?
Blake: yeah
Ashley: That's SOO COOL! I've never met anyone who reads for fun before!

Only in Dublin.
by Jim Easy October 4, 2005
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In California. A gay ass town where everyone tries to act gangster and there aint shit to do there except go bowling or to the movies. All the guys think theyre the shit and all the girls are bitches. Everyone thinks theyre all hard and doesnt even know how to really even be "gangster."
The "gangsters" in dublin are all white.
by Phylicia Hendricks April 12, 2008
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A city northwest of Columbus, the capital of Ohio. Half of the kids are completely spoiled rich kids who try to act ghetto, make fun of mentally challenged kids, and generally act like dumb shits. These are the people who give our dumb little town a bad name. They mostly live in the north part of Dublin, with all the fancy golf courses. The other half is the middle-class kids that are either decent people, or act like their upper-class counterparts. They live in the boring south part of Dublin. Everyone else here is an Asian or Arabic immigrant, with no clear reason as to why they chose our crappy city over much better places in the U.S. our city is pretty much the home of Wendy's. I bet you didn't know that, and if you did, congrats, because Dublin could care less about that great achievement, and instead they focus on their imaginary Irish heritage. Our schools are obesely overrated by journalists who only pay attention to the statistics like grades, test scores, etc. If you have any learning disorders at all (ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety, etc.) you are treated miserably. The teachers make you look stupid in front of the whole class by babying you through tests, making your disorder way too obvious, and make you look like you can't do shit. It's like the Aryan race in Nazi Germany! The lunches aren't anything special either. As for the high schools, Scioto is ghetto, Jerome is full of the rich kids from northern Dublin, and Coffman is somewhere in the middle.
Asian immigrant: So is it true that everyone in Dublin is Irish?

Dublin resident: Um, no.

Asian immigrant: Oh, well at least it's a really nice city!

Dublin resident: *Snorts* Dude? Really? You fell for Dublin's bullshit? C'mon, I know you just moved here from china or whatever a few months ago, but I thought you'd see through their crap by now!

Asian immigrant: Oh, I see... It's just like back home... Propaganda everywhere you-

Rich douchebag: MOVE OUTTA THE FUCKING WAY, FAGGOT ASS BITCH! Can u even speak english? Prob not, cuz u a dumb immigrant from sum gay ass country in asia. Just shut da fuk up, cuz i dont even know who would let u in our kool country. Did u sneak past da border or sumthin', cuz u-

Dublin resident: Jesus, mike, enough with that stuff. He just moved here-

Rich douchebag: Shut up! U couldn't bang a girl 2 save ur life, let alone ur ass once I kik it to the er!

Dublin resident: let's just leave, Huang, this guy is a swag fag.

Dublin teacher: Hey, you're insulting another student! Should I give you a detention, boy?

Dublin resident: But that kid insulted Huang first, and me!

Dublin teacher: Do not lie to me, boy! Automatic detention!

Dublin resident: But I-

Dublin teacher: Save it! I have no time for bullies like you! *hands boy detention slip*

Dublin resident: I seriously don't-

Dublin teacher: Oh, here's your record. Let's see...*gasps* You have ADHD??!! Two detentions for you!

Dublin resident:...This city is stupid.
by AnArChY231 May 29, 2014
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A rich upper class suburb northwest of Columbus Ohio full of rich white kids who go around saying made up catch phrases like "SAME" or "OH DUB" while walking around the golf course with their collars popped.
Mike : Hey guys lets go drive my new car around the roundabout in Dublin
Theo : Oh DUB
Mike : Then we can go play golf
Theo : Same
by ThenamesT September 26, 2005
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