In conversation: A yes or no response

In texting: A conversation killer
Jeff: I think the history tests are getting harder and harder by the week, and whenever I try and ask for help, she brushes me off as not worth it or something. I swear, that woman has some problems.

Julie: Yeah.
by Prof. Goldman June 30, 2012
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1.Can be used as alternative way of saying YES
2.Is just an excited word mostly used in music industry by singers or Mc's they used to say YEAH! to get peoples attention on live concerts.
Mwanaharusi: Julian will you take me to club tonight?
Julian:Yeah baby just get ready.

Akon/Konvict: Yeah! It's Akon lemme hear you say yeaaaah....!!!!!
Yeah! bringing to you 2Chainz and Rich Homie Quan on the stage right now somebody make noise!
by julianmosha December 04, 2016
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can be used to get out of any situation known to man
(walk into room full of people in suits who turn and stare at u)
(walk out)
by J November 30, 2004
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One of the few words in Lil' John's vocabulary.
in a loud, annoying voice: YEAH! WHAT?! WATCH OUT!!!
by kryo June 22, 2004
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Can be used to delay a particularly embarrasing moment or if you're lost for words, like uh.

Can be used to answer an awkward or idiotic comment.

All purpose response to any situation.
Fiorella: Are you ready for some some hot, crazy lovin'?
Mike: Yeah.

Fiorella: Why did you eat my all my damn sushi?
Mike: Yeeaah, about that...

George W. Bush: They misunderestimated me!
Mike: Yeah...

Troy: My hair's on fire. AAAARRRRRRRRGGHGHGHGH! My skin is burning!!!
Mike: Yeah.
by papermachete October 29, 2005
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