48 definitions by flyingdog

what toilet paper is for.
After I finished taking a memorable dump, I had to use the toilet paper, like, three times to handle all the extrament. That burrito was the gift that kept on giving.
by flyingdog May 18, 2008
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When anal retentive and anal compulsive collide, with unfortunate results.
He has OCD and ADD, must be anal repulsive.
by flyingdog November 2, 2009
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A guy you bring with you to bars to help you find someone for hooking up.
Hey Trevor, it's Friday night and I'm way horny. You wanna be my seeing-eye horndog, bud?
by flyingdog April 6, 2008
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That brief moment of indecision (or clarity) between seeing a really sweet butt and deciding whether or not to give it a nice little pat. Sometimes you go with it; sometimes you don't.
Whoa! I totally almost slapped that guy's butt. Glad I had a moment to spankulate. I might have made a serious social blunder, right there in the frozen foods!
by flyingdog November 7, 2009
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A guy with really good looks and a sweet personality.
Did you meet the new guy he's dating? Very sweet and good-looking. A perfect splendude, I'd say.
by flyingdog November 1, 2009
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a more realistic name for a suppository, given its administration in the body
The nurse called it a suppository, but, man, it was a lot more like a surprisitory. Never again, man.
by flyingdog February 24, 2008
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That party last night degenerated into a total swapmeat.
by flyingdog February 24, 2008
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