the feeling of immense soreness and overall lethargy resulting from football training and practice. it builds up overtime until your whole body is constantly sore and exhausted. typically comes with lots of sleeping and a lack of interest in other activities.
Guy 1: "dude its mid-season and im really feeling the wear and tear on my muscles now"
Guy 2: "what are you gonna do when you get home? wanna hang out?"
Guy 1: "f*** no im taking a bath, getting a massage, and sleeping the second i get home..."
by joe t 5000 August 12, 2010
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Evidence of use around the edges of any painted metallic object.
look at the dints and scrapes on my fender! That's some real boba fett wear and tear on it!
by Dancin Dude November 18, 2010
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The main feature of thin/pre-perforated clothing that a super-hot chick/hunk throws on prior to a first date, knowing that the person he/she is meeting will likely "lose all control" upon catching sight of said luscious-fleshed "looker", and therefore will probably just recklessly rip the clothes right off the stunningly-gorgeous human without even bothering to unbutton/unzip/untie anything.
Reusable wear 'n' tear garments can be specially made from Velcro-bordered panels that separate readily without being damaged, and thus the clothing can be reassembled and put back on after a wild-and-breathless encounter with a lust-crazed fellow-primate.
by QuacksO October 15, 2018
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