The act of verbally assaulting someone until you hurt their feelings, sometimes to the point of making them cry. In most cases it is associated to fags who think everyone likes them.
Chris acted so tight, even though nobody liked him, so i started roasting him in front of everybody.

Chris: Hey everybody check out my new threads.
John: Nobody cares fag.
Chris: My jeans cost more than you're whole outfit.
John: It looks like you got them things as a hand-me-down.
Chris: What makes you think that?
John: There's a huge ketchup stain in the front, and your jeans are so tight they look like they chopping off your ankles.
Chris: *Embarrassed* *Runs to the bathroom and cries*
by Aysis February 20, 2011
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Roasting someone means that you know how to be tactfully mean (snarky) without being mean-spirited in poking fun at someone, teasing, ruthlessly ridiculing, trash talking, and even mocking them.
Roasting people that you know is usually a bad idea because people will believe that there is truth in every joke and might laugh in the moment but remember nothing but bitterness, which is why roasting should be reserved for when a person truly deserves it.
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by Rosebud1776 May 07, 2017
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Sexual act of two men and one girl. One guy in her mouth, one in vagina. Looks as though the girl is on a spit roast.
Lindsay was well up for Carlton and Titus to give her a serious roasting.
by The Strut October 11, 2004
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To insult someone in a specific manner (shown below) similar to yo mama jokes, if those even exist anymore
Person A (to Person B)"Oh you wanna hear roasting? Bruh, your hair's so messed up that Tarzan told you to go to the barber!"
Crowd *oooooooooh*

Person B (to Person A) "Well if he told me to go to the barber, than he told you to shave yo head BALD!"
by Vortex1212 November 28, 2016
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muliple males having sequential sex with a single female.
orgin: UK - stuffing a bird (as if for roasting)
At a party: Most of the rugby team is in the back roasting Lucy.
by anoni mouse October 29, 2003
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(this is the 2018 version, I have made a previous version which is now outdated)
1) A popular form of insult, using the following format:

Step one: choose a start ex.: "Get outta here, with your" or "look at you with your" or "get your".

Step two: insert the most freaking random object or thing that comes to your mind. ex. solar system, potato, palm tree etc...

Step three: use one of the following endings (these are bleeped out): looking @ss or head@ss. followed by "outta here".

2) when someone is saying a good insult

Note that roasts used to be much more well thought out, and I am very disappointed of what roasting has become.
some person:

some other person: oh yeah, well look at you, with yo grapevine looking @ss, get yo monkey head looking @ss outta here!
some person: please leave, nobody likes you

*someone says a good insult
ooh man you were roasting him man!
by Vortex1212 May 16, 2018
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