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A guy who mentions his body fat percentile in the first 5 minutes of conversation.
Introduction of a Meatstick: "Hi, how are you. My name is Chris. I like car racing, going to the gym, lifting weights, my motorcycle, rock concerts and Justin Timberlake. My body fat percentage is 10%. I'm looking to meet a nice girl who likes long walks on the beach, riding bareback and cooking."
by Mary Mac April 25, 2007
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Yet another slang term for gizz, sperm, semen, splooge
The pornstar shot a load of meatstick meringue on the porn starlet's tanned butt cheek
by November 15, 2009
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This is term that labels a males penis. It was created with the belief that sex cures the occassional headache or illness of both sexes. It combines the idea that the penis is also known as meat or stick in a males pants. In addition, sex is the miracle act of cureing minor health problems such as headaches, stress, blue-balls, and many other illnesses that can be cured by a great session of sex.
Last night my women was bitching about her headache, so I gave her a dose of medicated meatstick and PRESTO! she was cured!
by Wun Hung Lo January 26, 2006
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When a Male is done having sex with a Female partner, he avoids washing his dick for a long period of time. During which time he masturbates, marinating his cock with the juices from the vagina.
This chick I fucked last week was so hot, I marinaded my meatstick so I would not lose her sent.

Mike made a Meatstick Marinade after fucking a hot chick. He knew it would be some time before he would get laid again.
by Marinade Man March 1, 2010
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1. A Meatstick from California.

2. A sex position popularized by the homosexual BDSM subculture of San Fransisco involving things no mortal would want to hear about, unless of course they were into that. Some accessories involved include an iron ingot, an acetylene blowtorch, and a metal can of wasabi almonds.
1. I bought two pounds of California Meatsticks, after the party there was naught but wrappers remaining.

2. My master gave me a California Meatstick last night, I'll be shitting powdered horseradish for at least a week.
by Johan Eschbach March 18, 2011
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Tan, spiked hair, muscley fist-pumping meathead from NJ. Aka guido.
Jimmy moved to Cali and tried to assume a normal lifestyle, but no one was fooled by this Jersey meatstick.
by Yum-yum hole November 24, 2010
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