being referred to; usually applies to being mentioned on Twitter's timeline
Star Jones mentions were in a mess when she bad-mouthed Olivia Pope.
by onetntsis April 10, 2013
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giving away the fact one has a crush by frequently mentioning the crush object in an "innocent" context.
Mentionitis as a warning sign:
"Boyfriend: let's go see Movie X
Girlfriend: Oh, Tony from the office saw that and liked it!

Boyfriend: How about pizza?
Girlfriend: sure, i saw Tony from the office having slice and am now craving one.

Girlfriend: I am leaving you for Tony from the office"
by pseudoanu November 11, 2010
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The inflation of a name used in your vocabulary when talking; usually at the beginning stages of dating someone. Mentionitis is when you can't stop mentioning someone.
H: "These are great cookies"
S: "Matt likes cookies"
H: "So I was looking at something online..."
S: "I got a cool link from Matt, lets check it out."
H: "so..."
S: "Matt blah blah blah Matt Matt Matt"
H: "Whoa you have a strong case of mentionitis"
by Han's February 1, 2009
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used to introduce an additional point which reinforces the point being made.
"I'm amazed you find the time, not to mention the energy, to do any work at all"
by Masoud Tafahomi January 12, 2015
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The disease of constant obnoxious name-dropping etc.
Katie: Yo, I was just at Manhattan Beach was so nice.
Wes: Oh yeah, I went there last week with a friend who parties with Eddie Van Halen's drug dealer....
Katie: Ewww. You're hideous.
by Katie and Wes August 19, 2005
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Equivalent to "you're welcome." A way to let a person know that the task you completed was not a problem and that you were happy to do it.
Woman "Thank you for helping me."
Helper "Don't mention it!"
by hop_scotch July 24, 2009
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Jamaican term for a man who knows it all

Pronounced: Mistah Manshun
"Yo you know whats going down, Mr. Mention?"
by Alikhan May 12, 2008
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