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When the attention span of a male lasts as long as his erection does, but usually related to the attention being focused on something nasty which normally wouldn't attract a male's attention under flaccid circumstances such as very nasty porn or fugly chicks or hookers.
One Dude to Another: I cannot believed I jacked off to that skank porn last nite. I also joined the skank porn site and spent like $39.95!

Another: Until you lose your erection span, stuff like that happens. Hopefully you've contained the damage to dick chafe and a slight hit to your credit card. One nite when I was on a business trip, my dick was hard and I ordered 2 hookers to a hotel room and it cost me $500. I should have just jerked off.
by sarasplayroom.com October 17, 2010
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When a woman is past her prime and looks it, but still tries to present herself as young and desirable. This might mean that she uses make-up tricks, botox, lip injections, etc. to appear more youthful to attempt to shave years off her age.
Many celebrity chicks over 40 are past their expiration date, but spend a lot of money trying to look like they are 5 - 10 years younger.
by sarasplayroom.com February 23, 2009
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An anorexic vegetarian for whom vegetarianism is just another way to obsess about their eating habits and to justify their denial of eating foods to themselves or in front of other people.
The true sign of an anorexitarian is instead of saying: "Two slices of pizza has more calories than I eat in a week" - the anorexitarian will say: "I cannot eat this black olive and spinach pizza because the pizzeria does not have a separate pizza oven for vegetarian or vegan pies. Pepperoni may have touched my pizza."
by sarasplayroom.com November 26, 2010
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The term derived for what could be a one-term Presidency for Barack Obama, if he doesn't live up to campaign promises, or to 'fixing' the country's economic woes and stimulating new jobs for millions of out of work Americans. Is a splice of former one term-er President Carter's and President Obama's names.
It's going to be Carterama in 2012 if Obama doesn't turn things around.
by sarasplayroom.com November 10, 2009
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Someone with way too much time on their hands who gets a cheap thrill by clicking on Google Adsense, Google Adword and other Sponsored Ads on searches and websites that he knows will cost that company a paid click even tho he has no intention of checking out the site or the product. Especially likes to click on sites belonging to larger companies or porn sites, with the click representing a little f*ck you to that company.
When a clickster has nothing better to do, a clickster does random Google searches and clicks on the paid ads to cost those companies a few cents each.
by sarasplayroom.com August 31, 2009
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Another slang term for gizz, cum, sperm, semen, etc.
Unbelievable how much Cobra Foam some male porn stars shoot....
by sarasplayroom.com June 30, 2009
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