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The uncanny radar-like knack of someone who can predict if a new tv show is going to make or get canceled, usually not someone who works in the tv industry
everyone said that Jerry should rent out his showdar to the networks as he hadn't been wrong once about which new shows would make it and which new shows would fail
by sarasplayroom.com July 19, 2010
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High school kids who still 'bag' their lunches, looked at by other kids as being too poor to buy lunch at school. Hence called 'baggers'. Also lumped into the overall term: Baggers and Bussers
One HS kid to Another: Dude bags every day, eats a cheese sandwich and an apple!

Another: Baggers Banquet! Cheese sandwich on white!
by sarasplayroom.com July 13, 2009
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A man who wears a speedo, tight briefs or sweatpants where his nuts are evidently on display, much to the chagrin of anyone viewing this. The nuts are usually not sizable enough to merit attention; therefore, they are sized as acorns.
The dude on the beach in the speedo was a definite acorn smuggler as you could see his nuts.
by sarasplayroom.com February 23, 2009
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To get or keep a distinterested guy interested in a relationship, a girl will tell tales of being bi, hot bi hook-ups and allude to him participating in possible threesomes with her bi friend, but the tales are mostly false.
Girl #1: Joel is losing interest in me. I caught him texting some other chick.

Girl #2: Did you play the bi card yet?

Girl #1: No, but I will. Can I name you as my bi girlfriend?

Girl #2: Yeah, what are friends for?
by sarasplayroom.com March 2, 2010
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When a poorboy pads his wallet with $1 bills and $5 bills, then puts larger bills on either end of the cash wad to impress friends or girls or strippers, fool them and make them think he's got lots of big bills. This is called a Poorboy Roll.
One stripper to another: Did you see how thick his wallet was?

Other stripper: No, it's a poorboy roll, once the 20's are gone, you'll see he just has 1's and 5's.
by sarasplayroom.com July 4, 2009
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When you rub the last of the coke powder into your gums....
After you rub crumbs into your gums, they get a little numb....
by sarasplayroom.com July 16, 2009
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FloHo (or plural FloHo's) are Ho's in Florida. SoFloHo's are Ho's in South Florida. FloHo's are not imports but local Ho's. Known for blowing off annoying hypersexed 'regular' guys who are only in their city or town traveling in for fun in the sun or for Spring Break. FloHo's prefer local dudes or rich men traveling in.
Check out the FloHo's on the beach. Thong bikinis and bitchin' tans. Man they totally dissed us when they found out we were just dudes on vacay (vacation) from Idaho.
by sarasplayroom.com July 2, 2009
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