To simultaneously shit and piss in a girl's mouth. Using her mouth as a bowl, you must use a spoon to fish out parts of the mixture (which now contains saliva, and possibly vomit), which you then eat. Once her mouth is (mostly) free of shit and piss, you must spit the mixture in her vagina and perform cunnilingus on her. Bonus points if she is having her period. Swallow when you are finished.
Guy 1: wanna "go out" to eat?
Girl 1: YEAH!!!!!
Guy 1: good, come over to my place tomorrow
*The next day*
Guy 1 (while shitting and pissing): HNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG
Girl 1: S-STO- *garglegarglegarglegargle*
by Yopmail User July 9, 2022
To eat
by Mister AW January 16, 2022
In the game Subspace/Continuum, when a player takes a bullet but does not die is reffered to as "eat".
by Newberific December 30, 2005
Losing a fight or taking assault, willing or unwillingly. This term originated in Dallas, Texas.
Kinfolk talkin' down, he finsta EAT!
by DallasDictionary May 31, 2011
To take a punch or some sort of pain and just saying "I eat those bitch!!"
Some one punches you in the face out of nowhere and you just look at them and say "I fucking eat those!!!
by Tbizzle February 25, 2005
To take in a large amount or mass of an object
by Nectr March 3, 2019