A word used similarly to cussing and/or name calling, in order to refer to someone as a thick, dimwitted, dull, pathetic excuse for a life. Also can be used towards people who are not mentally handicapped, but mentally inadequate.
Shut the TITS up you fucking ingot.
by Stealthy Ninja Penguin April 7, 2010
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Whenever someone or something wasn't going to make something happen, but a crisp hundo changed the situation and made it happen.

Ingot as in a golden ingot.
We almost didn't make it through the place, but ingot it and they left us alone.

They were tripping, but ingot it boy!
by oCroso July 6, 2020
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All i have left are some ingots, but it will still get us fucked up!
by 420MayheM September 24, 2006
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a really annoying pest. one that doeznt cut their crap. a bullshit artist.
what a bloody ingot! crop your shit Ingot!
by yayayayaydoo August 2, 2010
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An ingot that you can use to make netherite tools and armor
Person 1: yo I made a netherite ingot!

Person 2: well diamond is still badass
by plsdontdie April 15, 2021
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A cult made to worship Ingots.
Person 1: I heard Sam joined an Ingot Cult
Person 2: Nice
by Erik from the Ingot Cult August 10, 2021
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Also known as ingotingaling.
Word to agree that something is cool.
1. "Hey wanna do some froggy style"
"Yeahhh, ingotingaling!"
2. "Omgg your new gold puffy jacket is well ingoting!"
by iizwellsweaty January 7, 2011
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