A penis that is not fully erect, due to alcohol, submerged in discharge from an infected vagina.
I was balls deep in this girl last night only to find out that when pulled out i had a floundering meatstick.
by FINNYFINNYVECHI February 24, 2011
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to masturbate with either lotion or vaseline. i perfer vaselinf because it makes your penis soft and smooth for the ladies.
i gotta go grease old mr. meatstick before my date with Mry
by Big Bear June 16, 2003
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The blending of cheap gas station meatsticks and tequila in ones stomach while blackout-drunk. The amalgamation of which is immediate cause of "sleep-puking".
Hank:" I just finished that whole bag of meatsticks, lets get some sleep."
Me, in the middle of the night: "You alright bud?"
Hank: *Puking in his sleep* "'Merica"
Me: I dont think Ill ever get over The Baxter Meatstick Incident of 2019.
by turbovolvo August 13, 2021
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