Brad crashed Jeff at 200mph, obviously they're both wildly passionate about car racing.
by robtheracer24 June 06, 2017
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A sport in which competitors put empty overturned rectangular recycling bins atop skateboards and pilot them vehicle down hills.
Brendan and Bobby spent the afternoon shitty little car racing down Fawn Run until they had to quit due to too much road rash.
by reasonableron March 23, 2011
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a sexual act were 2 couples act in a sexual race betwen eachother ,the to man will place the penis into the womans asshole. she will then get on her feet and hands and the two pairs will race around the room to the bed and see who gets there first
i did a race car with my friend
by got you ! April 14, 2009
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Any number of import cars that the owners beleive are quick. Usually given away by an obnoxious exhaust note, shitty "body kits", or an "H" inside of a square..... In reality just a bunch of overhyped slow ass Japanese compacts. But, not limited to the shittiness of Jap compacts...also included are Cavaliers which are worse than Civics.
Look at that race car, the stickers must mean it has hundreds of hp.
by V1PER October 16, 2005
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Spicing up sex by making race car noises while fucking. Both partners are encouraged to participate, although only the male is able to shift gears, using his partners tits. Inspired by Jeff Gordon.
Ingrid Vandebosch: Jeff, what the fuck are you doing?

Jeff Gordon: vrooooom, vrrrrrrrrrrrooooooom

Ingrid Vandebosch: YES! Shift into fifth baby!


Diana Patrick: NEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR...race car sex!
by fornicatia January 11, 2010
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A race car surprise is when somebody has sexual intercourse with their partner very rapidly and quickly. Usually to avoid regret and moaning.
Gee Dan, I gave my girlfriend a race car surprise last night! I was great! We got it down to 1 minute flat!
by sup3rgh0st September 09, 2010
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