one's own personal time to be alone
"Can you do this for me?"
"Naw, I need some me time right now."
by Daisy T. July 10, 2006
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Quality time that self-absorbed narcissists set aside for themselves.
“My problem,” said the self-absorbed narcissist at the yoga retreat, “is that I'm just too giving. I really need to learn how to be a little more selfish. How to set aside a little more, you know, me time.”
by Dictionnaire Diabolique March 05, 2017
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A phrase first coined by Aditya, refering to time one spends alone in ones room with teriyaki chicken, watching pornographic material whilst pleasuring oneself.
Person 1 : why does it smell like teriyaki chicken in here?
Person 2: Aditya is having some me time
Person 1: Ewww
by Room 47 May 25, 2013
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Today was busy. And by busy, I mean I didn't get any me-time. And by me-time I mean that I have not yet gotten to slap the salami.
by The Grammar Nazi June 21, 2001
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"Me Time" refers to time spent alone, often to masterbate and watch pornographic material.
Dave - "Pete I am just off back to my room, I will see you in a bit mate".

Pete - "Are you off for some Me Time, you dirty little boy"
by hairy scary mary July 01, 2009
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Expression for which young asian space kid women express intense curiosity.
Hey Clint (entirely fictionnal caracter), what is me-time??
by Tiguydou April 16, 2005
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A random time when you need to lick your self clean from other girls you've stalked and simped on. This usually happens when someone (usually a boy) are thinking of sex.
Bruh Baljeet over there, He doing his daily me time, best if we don't bother him
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