guaranteed, completely certain of.
-The way this game is lookin', Kenny is guaranteed a victory.
-Of course he is, he got this one off back!
by Tugboats June 3, 2006
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A phrase referring to a specific personal, social, or worldly event that an individual has experienced or observed in the past, and shares their memory of while in a conversation, or while reflecting on the significance that he/she knew at the time would create a long term and/or an unavoidable chain of events.
This term implies a strong sense of intuition from the observer, as well as some experienced time that has proven the significance of this event to be be truly valid.
(*Not to be confused with "Right off the bat", which typically refers to a quick and strong , but short lived response to an emotion or action.)
The first time I walked through her door, I knew right off the back that she would be the love of my life.

When I first read in the newspaper in 1991 that it the US invaded Iraq to defend Quwait, I knew off the back that it would start a chain of events that would pull the U.S. into a long term military engagement in the Middle East.
by Thisluckybear April 12, 2022
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To be told to mind your own business or to stop doing something.
Person 1: "So I heard that Person told Person that he was in love with her."
Person 2: "O to the m to the g! Are you serious?!"
Person 3 (who was eavesdropping): "Ya! i heard that too!"
Person 1: "Back off dude! Stop listening to our conversations!"
by tomatoesforcharity June 18, 2012
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Reference to a female's butt when she's got a fine, ample behind (when a girl's got 'back').
"Dat gal had one fine back off!"
by CS January 8, 2004
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I don't know where she got that new jacket, maybe off the back of a lorry
by LadyN April 3, 2017
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To tell a hoe bag to get away from you or to tell someone to get out of your face.
That pussy ass bitch got in my face the other day and i told him to back off or I'll bang his girl
by Militia Army September 2, 2010
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