attack in jojo eyes of heaven
u can use it by pressing L2(when bar is filled)s
the attack stops time for 5 seconds
u can use it with other world diego
ME TIME my ability is to stop time for 5 seconds
by ewle; February 4, 2020
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You're getting a tattoo on your hand? Is that your me-time hand?
by Bill.yeg January 2, 2019
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An asian wanting to have sec with beautiful man or women.
i want you to sexy me time
by YourZaddy April 12, 2019
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Used to express "me time," but played off of the phrase "one on one time."
Girl 1: Hey, what are you up to tonight?

Girl 2: It's been such a busy week, I really need some one on me time.
by jezzabezz July 21, 2010
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