A random time when you need to lick your self clean from other girls you've stalked and simped on. This usually happens when someone (usually a boy) are thinking of sex.
Bruh Baljeet over there, He doing his daily me time, best if we don't bother him
When someone is talking shit and don't tag you in what they are saying.
Girl 1: That bitch was talking about me.
Girl 2: @me next time hoe.
by Lyss082901 October 1, 2015
Smoking a mixture of meth and Viagra before beating your dick vigorously for hours watching anime porn
Hey Adam im going home to my anime doll , she will help love me long time
by CHINGLINGmaster69 May 10, 2018
It's actually "TIE me to the fan" not time.
"I wanna dude who will tie me to the fan"
by Stephanie February 27, 2005
not sure...i am trying to figure it out..please let me know if you do (its in Beenie Man's song-Dude)
"I want a dude with wickedest slam,
I need a one, two, three holla man,
I want a dude who will time me to the fan..."
by JJ February 18, 2004
a meme once said by dizaster as a diss track to jin.
Jin: America Bad
Dizaster: Mother love me, long time, long time
Sucky sucky fucky fucky
Wonton, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Wonton, Hong Kong, wonton
One time, one time, wonton
Love me long time
Feed on my long schlong
Go back to Hong Kong gong
I'll send you back to Hong Kong
Pair a wonton, wonton,
by SerbianWarCriminal May 6, 2019
something someone says when they work and need to get paid for their services, such as a mechanic, building contractor, police officer, etc...
Mechanic: I can check your car out...

Driver: Ok

Mechanic: I need you to pay me for my time though...

Driver: How much???

Mechanic: $45 per hour...

Driver: Ok...
by blthrskt April 29, 2009