I find the insinuation that I am using others (solely) for the purpose of my own aggrandizement both condescending and insult and I feel as though I'm being used for the aggrandizement of others in a manner that is both retaliatory and spiteful in reference to various slights (perceived or otherwise) for the purpose of some kind of "hoisted by my own petard" type, conceptual, punishment.
That's my problem.
by Hym Iam July 15, 2022
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A phrase indicating that one doesn’t care about someone’s problem, and feels no responsibility to help fix it. Often used to disguise the fact that while it’s not your problem, it *is* your *fault*.
example 1 (disguising fault):
“Your slanderous article has ruined my good name! I demand that you retract it.”
Not my problem.”

example 2 (not one’s fault):
Right as I was leaving the building after quitting my sysadmin job, I heard the servers go down again. I didn’t turn back. It was not my problem any more.
by roryokane September 23, 2013
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A really annoying string of words that people use when they don't want to admit responsibility for anything.
Sheila: "You used all the gas in my car! How do you expect me to get to work?!"
Jared: "Not my problem."
by MCsquirrel April 27, 2017
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to be used when something just is not your problem.
"Dude, John found out I slept with Sean and now he thinks I'm a slut!"

"that's not my problem."
by OMonty May 12, 2008
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When you open the fridge, grab something, close the fridge, and hear something fall.
"Not my problem!"
by Fucking, MEEEE May 3, 2017
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Your problem...
a: My girlfriend has run away with some shortarse, chav gobshite from Chelmsley Wood! What should I do?

b: Not My Problem....
by nutwiss December 11, 2011
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It is an infamous line by Johnny from NCT during their North American tour- Hit the states, when Mark said he kept losing all his bets ever since he came to N.America
MArk: I kEeP lOsINg AlL mY bETs

JohnNY: NoT mY pRobLem
by taeyongdilf June 24, 2021
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