Aditya is one of a kind. Named after the Sun God ( Hindu Mythology ) he is a tesseract bubbling with infinite energy. He would know when to act like Shinchan(everybody knows him) and when to behave seriously like Harvey Specter(Suits reference -USAnetworks)
He may not show his energy through excitement or restlessness but stay still and shall think before reacting towards a situation.
Though weirdly wonderful aditya's are generally mistaken for complete introverts, they just take their time to get comfortable around something or someone to study that or them.
No matter how much someone restricts his progress he finds his way around and in the end of the proverbial longer run, kicks ass.
Aditya has many dreams and desires and equipped with endless imagination and willpower even the 6 infinity stones(MCU reference) together cannot stop him.
Harvey:- Donna ,that new guy is here for just a while and yet

solved 15 cases and land in 2 clients. How did he do that!
Donna:- Harvey , he is Aditya.
(again , sentences in reference to suits )
by ADgagare May 9, 2019
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ancient Asian translation for "well endowed sex-god". It is beleived that any person that holds this name has a great level of skill and ability to perform sexual acts for long periods of time on women .Causing the woman reach her climax each and every single time. Men posessing this name are also know to be masters of performing oral sexual pleasure to women for a extended period of time..
Girl says man my man is such a Aditya.

I wish my man was Aditya damn i did not climax that session we just had and reminded me that your not Aditya who can make me cum every time....
by thehunkychunky1234 September 16, 2021
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One of the most common Hindu male names. It means "sun god" and such persons are believed to possess the valour associated with the sun. In urban circles, people named Aditya are usually called by their last name because most are sure to know more than one.
It's soooo f-ing irritating, having to call him, because he doesn't respond to his last name and when you call out 'Aditya' half the boys turn around.
by serrrinna887 March 11, 2014
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C'mon man you know at least three Adityas you dont need a definition.
"Hey do you know what aditya did?"
"Dawg which one?"
by _Kalhan November 24, 2021
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A nice, caring friend. He is always there yo help you out. One of the smartest,brightest and funniest person you'll ever meet. Most likely to fall in love with their best friend
Me: Dude he is such an Aditya, I just wish his best friend could see that and get together with him already.

Manish: Yeah but they're just friends.
by sddkmadinggdongg July 24, 2019
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Aditya is the best maths fucka ever
He’s so sexy he must be an Aditya
by Hdbshbsbdu January 19, 2021
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The most incredible guy in the whole universe, end of the story.he is very sweet, handsome and truly amazing. He always know the perfect thing and right time to say right words. He make his impressive impression in just 1 sec. He can also make your head spin, skip a heart beat. He can make your heart melt like no one can ever do . And he gave respect to opposite sex. And Aditya is also known for his world famous friendly heart he loves his friend and love mate so much
Man=what name is better for my kids that is all in one in all feild

Women=Are you mad you never heard the the name of Aditya

Girl 1= I wish my partner is MR. PERFECT

by INSANE FREE FIRE November 26, 2021
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